Helping Anand take the next step

Anand Biniya is 24 years old, largely grew up in a shelter home and had a rough upbringing.

Despite the tough circumstances that led him to pick up odd jobs like waiting tables and being a tele-marketer, he was interested in studying further and aspired to someday work in an IT company. It was around this time that he was taken under the wings by the founders of an NGO.

With the support of the NGO founders, he was able to get to a point where he joined Masai school and learned coding.

Currently, he’s seeking his first big break - a chance to prove his skills. Someone’s generosity in providing his first opportunity in coding would be phenomenal.

Keen to know if anyone can suggest next steps or help Anand land an opportunity where he can work with a team.

Details: Anand Biniya - Looking for a Front End Devloper Role


Hi Gautham,

Thank you for sharing this information. I am Jinso from Tech4Good Labs, and we are very interested in speaking to Anand. We will contact him by email to further explore collaborative opportunities and determine how we can work together.
Best regards,

Jinso Raj
Tech4Good Labs

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That sounds very promising @Jinso_Raj

Please let me know if there’s any way I can assist you further.

unless the kid or his ngo paid upfront fir masai school, the kid will have to pay rs3-5 lacs for payment post gettig a job…

any case share the resume to

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thanks received his profile via email

couple of use cases
#1…his Jain Univ exoerience in marketing or sales of education or upskilling…we ar s3 might need his services for revenue sharing as against salary

#2…his masai school training…we directly work with masai school for trained fresh esources…we have potential requirement with hyd client for onsite role permanent…

for other BLR clients…once finalized will update this thread