Hiring Community Manager for Mon.School

Hi everyone,

It has been more than a year since @Anand and Jannat started working on Mon.School. The goal of building Mon.School is to help people learn coding by connecting and accessing high-quality content and mentors and building a community of learners, all for free.

So far, we have onboarded around 7000 learners to learn from 5 courses. Here is the list of courses we have added so far:

  1. The Joy of Programming
  2. Self-Hosting 101
  3. MyPy Primer
  4. Python Primer
  5. Frappe LMS

Currently, we are working with various course creators to have more varieties of quality courses and thus attract more people to learn from Mon.School.

We are Hiring

To manage the community of Mon.School, we are looking for someone with community management experience and interest in this role.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Reaching out to the student’s and developer’s communities to promote Mon.School.


  • Newsletters & Blogs - Writing regular email newsletters detailing the ongoing and upcoming courses, and activities.
  • Social Media Management [not actively]- Posting content across our social media platforms.

Community Engagement

  • Responding to messages and comments on social media channels, email, Telegram and Forum.
  • Building a relationship with learners’ communities.

If you are interested in this role. Kindly send your resume to foundation@fossunited.org.