Hiring for a Chief FOSS Engineer @ kalvium

Hi All,

Kalvium is an undergraduate computer science degree you’d have loved to goto. In our first year of operation, as part of the coursework, every student of Kalvium has to work on a moonshot FOSS project. You can see the 42 projects of 42 students here! This was a lot of manual work and managing so many projects as they build from idea to design to implementation and launch was very fulfilling.

The coming year, we are expecting an intake of 500-1000 students! I’m not sure how we’re going to scale to manage these many projects – but it’ll be a monumental effort, and the first time in the world where contributions will be coming at such scale from students in their UG program. And that too from the first year.

Does this sound interesting to you? If you have a few years of experience as an engineer having seen some breadth of projects (FOSS or otherwise), and you’d like to take on the challenge of ideating, overseeing and launch of 100s and soon 1000s of FOSS projects, this is an opportunity for you. Kindly reach out to me, and we can have an exploratory chat.

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