Hiring for Legal Ontology Project


DAKSH and other organisations working with data from courts and tribunals come together last year to start the Judicial Data Collaborative( https://judicialdatacollaborative.in/) to work on accessibility, quality and reliability of judicial data in India.

The JDC has recently launched the Alliance for Indian Legal Ontology and Standards to develop ontologies for specific laws and domains. The alliance brings together academics, industry, and researchers from law and tech/data domains to co-create a standardised set of concepts and relationships that can be used to improve knowledge management and data integration in the Indian legal industry.

We are hiring a Project Lead (Project lead JD.docx (1).pdf - Google Drive) and Tech Lead ((Tech lead .JD.docx (1).pdf - Google Drive)) for the Ontology Initiative.

The roles will work closely with leaders across domains and require team skills along with relevant technical knowledge.

This is an exciting project that will work towards improving accountability, explainability, and interoperability of legal tech solutions.

Do let me know if you have any questions.