How can I contribute to FOSS United?

  1. Events - FOSS conducts annual and monthly events. Individuals can volunteer at the events in the following categories.

    • Volunteering in yearly events (FOSS Hack, IndiaFOSS Conference).

      • Website design and development, design of posters and flyers
      • Media campaigns - media campaign involves sharing posters on media platforms, announcing events and spreading the talk proposal.
      • Logistics - handling venue, and managing requirements - like audio, and food. This person should be local to the place of the event, offline/online arrangements
      • Finance: seeking sponsors, handling budgets
      • Reach out to speakers, mentors, participants, volunteers, and jury members. This involves evaluating speaker proposals.
      • Curating events, individual event organisation and coordinators for events
      • Coordinating works across all areas mentioned above
    • Volunteering in monthly FOSS meetups in different cities.
      Currently, we have monthly meetups in Bangalore, and Delhi and will be soon in Kochi. You can volunteer in the following roles:

      • Media campaigns
      • Logistics - Looking for a venue, projector and audio devices, snacks etc
      • Reaching out to speakers and participants
      • Designing poster and video editing
  2. FOSS for Non-profit organisation: Refer this thread - The need for tech volunteering in the social development sector.

  3. Evangelism: FOSS Evangelism is as important as building them. It doesn’t make sense If people aren’t adopting Free and Open Source software and hardware. Spread our initiatives & programmes in your network and at the events, you attend or organize:

  4. Public Policy - FOSS United have collaborated with Takshashila to work on a public policy draft for the adoption of Free and Open source technologies by government and institutions funded by the government. You can volunteer for this effort by:

    • Joining the Technology+Policy course offered by Takshashilla. There is a scholarship for FOSS devs for this course which we open every 3 months.
    • Follow our forum posts and telegram group and participate Tech Policy discussions.
    • Understand (build knowledge around) the impact of software on society, communities and people and nudge the government to act.
    • Volunteer at software patents working group - Ref: Meeting with Director General of Patents
  5. Mon School [Website, Telegram Group]

    • If you are an expert in any of programming/tech you can contribute to Mon School By creating courses, Some of the ideas on topics for course creation can be found here. Also, check out here on how to create a course.
    • Outreach to course creators - If you know someone who can create a course or an expert in a domain, reach out and work with them in curating a course.
    • Spread the word in the community for the people to use for learning.
  6. Community Management: Maintain forum and telegram group by helping the members with their queries.

  7. Talk & Mentorship

    • Mentor students/engineers/others to get started with open source/FOSS projects
    • Deliver talks at students’ organized events
    • Fill this form, if you’re interested in volunteering for this.
  8. Industry Partnership - if you’re an organisation, partner with FOSS Untied to support us. Partnership deck: FOSS United Industry Partnership + Event Sponsorships

  9. Project: Contribute to FOSS projects developed by FOSS United.

Next steps for the interested volunteers

Create a new post on this forum sharing the following (under the category New Volunteer):

  1. Why do you want to volunteer?
  2. Previous experience, if any.
  3. Profile: Personal website/Blog-posts/GitHub/Behance/LinkedIn
  4. Area of interest: Pick any - Events, Evangelism, FOSS for Non-profit organisation, Mon School, Industry Partnership, Public Policy, Community Management, Talk & Mentorship, Project
  5. Weekly hours you can dedicate
  6. Will you be volunteering online or in-person. If in-person, where do you live?

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