Technology+Policy course scholarship for FOSS devs

Data and privacy bills, cyber security regulations, increasing digitisation of public services, these aren’t just inevitable, but are already in full swing not just in India, but pretty much everywhere else in the world. The future of internet and technology is going to be highly legislative, if it isn’t already!

It’s critical and imperative that developers and technologists with hands on expertise in technical matters are not only aware of the policy aspects of technology, but actively engage with policy making. The developer community needs strong policy capacity.


FOSS United Foundation is offering a scholarship to FOSS developers to take the The Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (Technology and Policy) at the Takshashila Institution. It is a 12 week online program conducted typically on weekends.

In the pilot phase, we are sponsoring the full course fee of ₹33,000 for 5 candidates. If you are interested:

  • Apply to the upcoming cohort (starts Sep 3)
  • In the application form, enter FOSSUNITED in the referral name field, and in the referral e-mail field.
  • If you are accepted, FOSS United Foundation covers the full course fee for you.