HydFOSS Planning

This thread will document the planning effort behind the upcoming HydFOSS event. The event is planned for 29 July 2023 at T-Hub, Hyderabad.


Update from in-person meeting yesterday with T-Hub team

  • The venue is on the 5th floor. It’s a closed airconditioned room that on paper can seat 150-200 people and 300 people if we need to stretch it to the fullest. There is a dias and a big display in the venue meant for presentations. The venue has a functioning AV setup
  • There is open air space next to the venue, usually used for lunches and dinners. There is additional indoor space next to the venue which can be used for networking during coffee and snacks breaks
  • T-Hub is letting us use the venue free of charge. They have booked the venue for us for the 29th of July
  • A caterer already provides meals in the space but we have the option to choose from a list of known caterers for breakfast, lunch and snacks during the conference
  • We (FOSS United) will need to find the money for catering
  • Entering the premises isn’t as simple as walking in. We will need to provide the T-Hub staff (and security) the full list of attendees (including speakers) ahead of time. If I understand the process correctly, each attendee will receive a unique OTP/ID for visitor entry. We will need to include this information in the confirmation email for attendees and speakers.

Actionable items for this week

  • send T-Hub a draft email regarding a call for proposals that can be sent to their internal community. We will hopefully find interesting talks and speakers from startups in the T-Hub ecosystem and from the T-Hub academic partners (NALSAR, IIITH and ISB)
  • (potentially in the same email) send T-Hub a draft email regarding sponsorship opportunities for HydFOSS that can be sent to their internal community
  • confirm that AV setup at the venue includes the ability to record the talks

Actionable items for the future

  • start gathering a list of potential sponsors from mid-to-large companies with a presence in Hyderabad

We (FOSS United and T-Hub) will have a weekly check-in call on Tuesdays (at a time to be decided) until the event happens.


We sent a draft email to the good folks at T-Hub that they will send to the T-Hub community and their academic partners. We are also beginning to post on social media about the event.


We’re less than one week away from the CFP deadline. In the background, we’ve been reaching out to a few companies and people for invited talks.

We’re delighted to announce the first invited speaker for HydFOSS - Vinay Kumar from Zerodha Tech.

Social media posts

Over the coming week, we will announce a few more invited speakers. The CFP is still open and the deadline is less than a week away. We’re trying to strike a balance between relying on the CFP for talks and inviting speakers/companies directly.

Tentatively, we have three more invited speakers - one from Frappe/ERPNext, one from Gramener and one from Speciale Invest.

So far, we have 10 unique proposals and around 30 attendees who bought tickets. We’re hoping to see a major uptick in the number of attendees via the invited speaker announcements.

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We’re excited to announce the second invited speaker for HydFOSS - Rushabh from Frappe/ERPNext/FOSSUnited

We’re thrilled to announce the third invited speaker at HydFOSS - Sri Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, Principal Secretary, Information Technology, Electronics & Communications (ITE&C) and Industries & Commerce Departments of Government of Telangana

Social media links announcement links

Additional information regarding the current state of proposals and participant signups

  • 50 tickets from Industry participants (General tickets bought)
  • 19 tickets from Academia (Student tickets bought)
  • 13 proposals for talks submitted

Last call posts on social media

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(This is a live document that will be updated everyday as the announcements go out on social media).

We’re mostly done with the CFP reviews and we will be announcing the results this week

  • Shobhankita Reddy on “Open Source Startups and Business Models”. LinkedIn and twitter
  • Ruthvik Mandapati on “Utilising the power of Cognicity OSS”. LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Shiva Abhishek on “Open-source software: Supply-chain risks beyond CVEs”. LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Vyom Yadav on “Inside the Kubernetes Release Team”. LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Sreeharsha on “Building bridges for farmers with FOSS”. LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Ashwin Kumar on “Breaking the Pinata effect”. LinkedIn and Twitter

Tentative Final schedule announcement Conference Schedule

Lightning talks

We had a successful HydFOSS on saturday and going forward, we will be using individual threads to manage the various monthly meetups.