India FOSS 2022: Flash Talks

Annoucing Flash Talks at India FOSS 2022.

Flash talks are quick 5 minutes talks presented by the participants. There will not be any selection, first come first serve. Everyone gets exactly 5 minutes to present and there will not any more time for Q&A.

If wanted to talk about your project but your talk proposal didn’t get selected or if have something interesting or funny to share with people, plan to present at flash talks.

There are two slots alloted for Flash talks: 15:00-15:45 on Saturday and 09:00-09:30 on Sunday.

The registration for the flash talks will happen at the venue and the the details will be annouced in the Audi I.

Get ready and start preparing, if you would like to present a Flash talk.

If you have questions about Flash talks, please ask here.