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Thanks @WishArya I will post there as well :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, I’m Deependra, graduated last year in Mech Engineering, shifted my career towards tech. I’m currently learning Full-Stack Web Dev in an online Bootcamp.
I’m new to this and came to know about FOSS united, and got inspired by @knadh 's session at our Bootcamp (Masai school).
I keep myself updated by a few youtube channels and blogs that I follow.


Hey everyone ,
I’m Syamkumar , Operations & Security Lead at US Based Cyber Security Firm .
Mozilla Representative and Systems Admin for Mozilla Communities .
Based of Kochi Kerala .

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Nice to be here, I am Sonal. Writing code for more than 2 decades, just open sourced Zingg for entity resolution and deduplication! Was searching for open source projects from India where I hit upon @knadh’s blog which led me here. Been following @rushabh as well!

I am mostly into all things ML and data, distributed or otherwise. Like to learn by building stuff or looking at code. Happy to connect here!


Hi @Sonal, welcome to the FOSS community!
We organize a monthly meetup on every second Saturday of the month (next is on 09th Oct. 2-4 PM IST). Would you be interested to speak about Zingg there. Let me know.

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Thanks, that would be lovely! What do I need to do to proceed ?

@Sonal, please respond to this thread.

Marshel Abraham. Developing software for past 10 years.

I started my FOSS journey by contributing some doc patches to linux kernel.

Its been a downward spiral ever since due to lack of motivation/reward. However I regained some motivation after coming across this forum.

Personal Website :


Hey, I am Anubhav Ujjawal. I am a Software Engineer and Founding Member at Skillbee.

I haven’t made any major contributions to open source, that I could be proud of, and that’s one of the reasons why I have joined this wonderful community!

I love Linux, python, SQL, and Golang the most.

I mostly use Twitter, blogs I come across during my random web searches, and Github explore to keep me updated with the latest changes happening around me.

Looking forward to contributing!


Rithul. Student / Developer. I’ve been messing around since 2014

I’ve just been working on some personal projects and learning to illustrate from them! Connect with me at the following places:

  • Discord @ rithulkamesh#2924
  • Instagram / Twitter @ rithulkamesh

Find my website and my blog @

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Hi everyone, I am Avikalp.

I am a developer, an entrepreneur and a data scientist (AI and ML engineer, really). I love writing code to automate things in my life, and I like to share my learnings online (See the blog section of my homepage and my Medium articles).

I graduated from IIT Kanpur (CSE) and worked in Microsoft Research, before realizing that I am only ever going to be happy as an entrepreneur. I have only exclusively worked with startups since then.

I like to use technology for bringing social change and have been part and/or driver of various SDG-driven initiatives in the past, including SEE (Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprises) series of events, YSI Global (Young Sustainable Impact), Global Impact Network and Wedu.

I have written production code in Python, JavaScript, Go, Kotlin and Scala (across different companies) and I really obsess over the quality and maintainability of code. I got introduced to the open-source world by DGPLUG and have since fallen in love with this ideology.

I am currently running a startup called Vibinex which helps technical teams recruit talent in a simpler and more sustainable manner. We are building most of our software as FOSS, including a suite of productivity tools, starting with the project free-time.

Connect with me on Github, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Hello Everyone.
My name is Pranshu Kumar Agrawal. I am into Bitcoin development. I love to learn about Bitcoin and Cryptography and looking to become a Bitcoin Developer Advocate.
I regularly contribute to open-source projects and my latest contributions are to AppFlowy(FOSS Notion alternative) and Bcoin(Javascript Bitcoin Implementation).
I am active on twitter(@pkknowsnothing) and github(@impranshu) and I regularly write blogs(


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Hi all,

Sumod here. Founder of AutoInfer, we are still startup in exploratory stage. Previously led tech at TartanSense (Agri Robotics), Digital Aristotle (EdTech) among others. Haven’t put too much code, there are few more that needs to be cleaned and pushed.

User of open source tools for almost 20 years (even since we installed Debian Potato). FOSS Community and tools have been instrumental in helping me get where I am. Thanks to people like Atul Chitnis (, Pramode C E, Shakiman, Shuveb etc… and forums like Linux Gazette, TLDP. I got exposed to the world of FOSS and how writing software is a craft.

Tools I love: vim, off-late emacs, tmux, git

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Great to be part of this forum.

I am Saurav, an avid reader and techie, a father and a husband. Professionally, I am part of a specialized consulting firm where we work with clients on all things related video conferencing / live streaming solutions. I am working in this domain for last 8 years and primarily work with Javascript and WebRTC. I regularly work on Nodejs, ReactJs, PostgreSQL, WebRTC, web-sockets, signalling servers, media servers, recording servers, FFMPEG and WebRTC load balancers etc.

My company recently open sourced India’s first production grade WebRTC signalling server for integrating one to one video calling into any application / website with ease.

I love WebRTC media server Mediasoup the most. I use it on a daily basis in our in-house applications as well as client applications. It is one of the finest open source media servers in terms of performance and it is becoming better day by day.

I like to read about and tinker new open source technologies whenever I get some time.



I am Riya!

Newly joined FOSS United as intern to help steer Mon School
A community evangelist and developer with a vision!
Talks Python, ML and solving…

Check me out @riyapmathew :slight_smile:


Hi All,
I’m an engineer by profession and an entrepreneur by passion. Having worked in the IT Industry for the last decade, I decided to work on my entrepreneurial journey.

In my recent journey as Founder and CEO at Sodaru Technologies, I’m working on the micro app platform called SOMOD (Serverless Optimized MODules) ( With SOMOD the developers can create and share micro apps containing minimum features. Anyone on the SOMOD Platform can combine these micro apps to create their unique application.

I’m active in LinkedIn at

We can discuss on SOMOD in this topic

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Hey Everyone!

I am Karan Gandhi, currently an engineering student pursuing Computer Science.

I love to write software that is useful and makes life better, and possess a bug for hikes, treks, and cycling trips.

I haven’t done anything notable in the Open Source ecosystem yet, but I am on the track. I like control over what software I use, and FOSS fits that.

I’m always up for hacking and spontaneous nature trips!

  1. Naveen, backend developer using Python professionally dabbling with FP languages otherwise.
  2. Have contributed to couple of open source projects in python ecosystem.
  3. Django, NGINX, requests library.
  4. Blogs.

profile can be found here

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Hello everyone, Surajeet here. I have been into writing software almost 5 years now. I enjoy writing software and I have made small contribution to Mozilla ny writing code for their build system in python.
I am looking to participate in this FOSS Hack 3.0, and I am open to listening to suggestions regarding different kind of projects I can work on.


Hey everyone, I am Shrijith Venkatramana, founder at Hexmos. For the past 2.5 months, I have been working on publishing a FOSS alternative to tools like Postman/Insomnia (API managers).

My solution approach can be summarised as Markdown for APIs. So, it gave me an excuse to learn language parsing and build a parser from scratch :wink: Technicalities aside, using this tool, one can store APIs in plain-text files in git repos for collaboration. One can execute the API files either from the command line or editors, such as VSCode through extensions.

Please take a look at Lama2 at github and documentation site. I have also created a product hunt launch.

Please support me in Product Hunt if possible. And if you want to collaborate or try it out in your teams, let me know, I’ll be happy to help you through discussions :slight_smile: Any feedback from real-world usage will be appreciated.