Katbin - FOSS Pastebin + URL shortener

Pastebins/URL shorteners are not the most glamorous or advanced of projects, but I’m (re)writing one in Rust. We also use it at FOSS United to shorten URLs for CFP and RSVP forms.

Website: https://katb.in (note that this version is older and currently written in Elixir)
Source: GitHub - katbin-oss/katbin-rs: A fast, lightweight pastebin and URL shortener

Current features include

  • Ability to paste snippets of code/text and share with a short URL
  • Paste a URL instead and shorten it
  • Custom shortened URLs (we use this one quite a bit at FOSS United)
  • Edit pastes (if you’re logged in)
  • Paste markdown and get a rendered version if you add a .md suffix to the URL
  • (Somewhat iffy) syntax highlighting for code.

The rust version is almost at feature parity and is only missing the ability to change passwords/reset forgotten passwords

Planned new features include

  • Better syntax highlighting
  • Ability to delete pastes
  • (optional) Anonymized analytics for paste views, perhaps with additional information like geographic location, referer etc

Contributions/suggestions are welcome!