KJSCE HACK 7.0 Hackathon

KJSCE HACK 7.0 is here!:partying_face:

Registrations have finally begun for the KJSCE HACK 7.0, a 24-Hour hackathon that will be conducted in complete offline mode with free food :hamburger:, accommodation :house: and games :video_game:

It is an open innovation hackathon with a slight twist which will be unveiled on D-day.

KJSCE HACK 7.0 test your skills in your choice of domain :computer:

But wait, it doesnโ€™t end there:
:money_with_wings: Registration Fees: Rs. 0
:hamburger: Food Expenses: Rs 0

There are prizes worth Rs 50 Lakhs + :fire::fire:

:date: Dates: 1st and 2nd April, 2023

So what are you waiting for,
:bangbang: REGISTER ASAP :bangbang: