KochiFOSS: Oct 2022 - Proposal

During the IndiaFOSS conference, upon seeing a huge participation from students of Model Engineering College, Kochi, Kailash had suggested to keep a FOSS United Meetup at Kochi. The main aim of this mini conference is to revive the FOSS community in Kochi and to bring everyone interested in FOSS under the umbrella of FOSS UNITED. The event details are listed below :

Type of Event : Mini Conference

Date: 15th of October, Saturday

Venue : CUSAT Seminar Complex

Time : 8:30 AM to 6 PM ( Talks start at 10 AM. Icebreakers and Breakfast from 8:30 to 9:30 )

Here is the detailed proposal for the event.

Please pool in your suggestions regarding the event by replying to this thread.


Good proposal @adithyaanilkumar! The OSM contribution drive is a great idea. @Manoj_Karingamadathi should have some good suggestions for it.


Thank you @knadh . Will get in touch with @Manoj_Karingamadathi and put forward a detailed plan for the same.


Sorry for late in replay.
We can plan some OSM Related Events.

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Yesterday i talked with Nayana (MEC) about this and other than OSM Arm chair mapping i give some more idea about beginner contributions to FOSS.

  • Wikipedia Workshop - Learn More about wikipedia ecosystem and the free knowledge movement with some contribution focused efforts
  • Wikisource - Digitize (Type) some copyright free books and support Malayalam Wikisource Community- Good Opportunity to learn type malayalam, Unicode Encoding, Convert Images to Digitally Search Enabled Objects, Conserve our heritage and books mostly 60-80 years old contents.
  • Wikidata - Its one of the growing community project with lot of scope in future. select some area and populate the data with missing part and learn more about the semantic data, data model and all

Above these can do help of OpenDataKerala (ODK) and i can help to find available community leads with planning date.

One more area is Localization of a Application.I started my FOSS Contribution through this efforts.
With Association with Swathanthra Malayalam Computing (SMC) We can attempt this. L10N Projects are seen bit inactive and if there are interested peoples we can attempt. @joice can help more

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We did have a discussion with @Manoj_Karingamadathi to finalise the details of the pre event.

1.The pre event will start from 8th of October and run till 15th of October. There will be an introduction session on 8th of October from 10 AM to 12 PM that will be taken by @Manoj_Karingamadathi and will cover everything the participants need to know to contribute.
2. The event will be Mappathon, on the Open Street Maps tracking platform, where the participants would be able to choose a particular grid on the map and annotate the buildings in that grid.
3. We will be tracking the progress of each participant and a leaderboard will be maintained for the same. The top contributor will be given free tickets to the conference. This is done to keep the participants motivated and to ensure quality contributions. The leaderboard will be made public.
4. We decided to not go with Wikipedia contribution drive in parallel to OSM Mappathon as it would be difficult to manage both together, especially when it comes to managing the participants and solving their queries. The Wikipedia contribution drive will be done at a later date after the conference.

Further details regarding the event will be updated in this thread soon.

Hey everyone, Registrations are open for KochiFOSS.

Register Here: https://indiafoss.net/kochi/2022

Date: 15th of October, Saturday
Venue: Model Engineering College, Thrikkakara, Kochi
Time: 8:30 AM to 6 PM

Limited seats available. Register Now!


All tickets for the mini conference has been sold out within 48 hours! Thank you to everyone who registered. For the people who missed out on grabbing a spot for the mini conference, dont worry, we have the OSM contribution drive coming up soon.


KochiFOSS 2022 is here with its much-awaited pre-event: VIRTUAL MAPATHON.

Here is your chance to contribute to the biggest mapping community through the OpenStreetMap Mappathon.

Register here : https://bit.ly/osmkochifoss

OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you, and free to use under an open license. It is built by a community of mappers that contribute and maintain data about roads, trails, cafés, railway stations, and much more worldwide.

Date: 8th to 14th October

Get ready to contribute to OpenStreetMap and win exciting prizes. The contributions can be made by anyone. Worry not if you are not good with coding! Coding skills are not required at all.