Ladakh Police Project

We are helping Ladakh police with their Inventory and Human Resource Management using ERPNext.

So far we have done the following things:

  1. Created a test instance of ERPNext for the demo, training and test configuration purposes.
  2. Demoed the Inventory management process which includes Item, Stock, Asset, Buying, Selling, Accounting, Warehouse management modules.
  3. Demoed HR management module.
  4. Customized the Employee doctype (object) as per their requirements.
  5. Done 6 demo sessions to train 35 police with HR and Inventory management module. We have created a Whatsapp group to help the police with their queries.
    We need more training sessions (in-person/online) to help them get trained with using ERPNext.

Action item:

[ ] Status on NIC Cloud server application
[ ] Host ERPNext on NIC cloud server. Nitin from D10X is helping us with the hosting.
[ ] Customize HR module on the NIC server.
[ ] Customize Inventory module on the NIC server.

  • Before the configuration of inventory management, we need the requirement document (which will have the information about the process and workflow of the system) from the Ladakh Police team to avoid confusion in the future.

[ ] Demo and Go-Live

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