LegalTech Meetup (Mumbai Edition) @ 20 January at 4 PM

As a techie, legal tech is a game-changer due to:

  • Market Growth: Soaring from $28 billion in 2022 to a projected $69.7 billion by 2032, showing rapid sector expansion​​.
  • Heavy Investment: Over $1 billion poured into legal tech recently, underscoring its potential​​.
  • AI’s Role: Automating up to 50% of legal tasks, your tech skills are crucial for innovation​​​​.
  • Emerging Fields: High demand in cybersecurity and renewable energy law, where tech plays a key role​​.
  • Billing Model Shifts: Reflecting a focus on efficiency and client satisfaction​​, where tech can be a gamechanger.

In legal tech, your skills drive significant sector advancements.

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