Let's Teach English VMS Project

Let’s Teach English is a volunteer-driven movement where spoken English mentors can volunteer 2 hours/week of their time to speaking in English with a student over the phone. FOSS United will be assisting them with a Volunteer Management System (VMS) where they can track the volunteers and their work.

The kickoff call happened on 11 January at 7 am IST.

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Summary of catchup call on 9 February 2022.

Present: Kaustubh, Apoorva, Akhilaji

  • Shared details of the system built so far (https://lte-vms.frappe.cloud)
  • A program can have multiple batches
  • Age, Gender, and Vernacular should be recorded for matching volunteers and learners
  • Volunteers and learners can decide on a schedule different than the one that was originally planned for
  • The session number (1st session, 2nd session, so on) is more important than the date it was held
  • Only assigned coordinator should be able to view the details of a batch
  • Add validation for phone number
  • Bug: Future sessions should cancel when learner drops out
  • Program start date and batch start date can be different
  • Add notes field for learners - so that coordinators can leave remarks

Action Items:

  1. Kaustubh to complete the TODOs from the above concerns and get back to the LTE team about user testing:
  2. Kaustubh to send credentials to LTE team for them to play around with the system
  3. Akhilaji/Apoorva to start talking with coordinator from a program around Monday - after some of the changes are made

Summary of catchup call on 15 February 2022

Present: Kaustubh, Apoorva, Akhilaji

  • Kaustubh shared the changes made so far:
    • Program DocType is created but needs some refinement
    • Age, Gender, Vernacular fields are added for volunteers, learners
    • All links between volunteers, learners, batches, sessions have been made direct. i.e. on the volunteer page, the user can directly see the names of the batches assigned and the number of assigned learners in each. or it will appear in the “Connections” section
    • Section breaks / Column Breaks added for volunteer, learner, batch for visual effect
    • Notes field for learners is added
  • Akhilaji/Apoorva: For tracking vernacular, we can have a dozen checkboxes with a textbox field for any extras
  • We can have a checkbox each for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/…/Sunday, on the batches page. The coordinator can check the days on which the sessions should recur, and they will then be created in that way.
  • Kaustubh shared the login credentials for the site with Apoorva and Akhilaji

Action Items:

  • Kaustubh to implement the vernacular tracking and scheduling checkbox
  • Akhilaji to coordinate and see if a small group is available for user testing of the system
  • Apoorva/Akhilaji to play around with the system once the changes are made

Question for LTE team-

Can a learner can join multiple batches?

If yes, we need to create a table (in learner doctype) to capture multiple batches links. Else we can leave it as it is

I haven’t heard of such a case from them in the previous calls. So even if this case exists I think it would be quite rare. IMO, rather than complicating it from the start, a better approach would be to wait for such a case to arise, start with workarounds (creating duplicate learner entries with different volunteers/batches) and then if it is actually frequent then we can start accommodating it in the table itself.

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Summary of call on 16 March 2022.
Present: Kaustubh, Vishal, Akhila ji

  • Raise an error when a cancelled session is attempted to be completed - (A once cancelled session shouldn’t normally be edited later)
  • Age is populated as 0 by default
  • Password less login for volunteers for attendance
  • Different volunteer phone for whatsapp / contact
  • Details to be uploaded via data import:
    • learner full name
      learner phone number
      volunteer full name
      volunteer conatct number
      volunteer whatsapp number
      VC email id
      Batch ID
  • Form for volunteers to update session details
  • The completed check box + status dropdown may be a bit confusing
  • Action Items:
    • Kaustubh to add a form for volunteers to mark attendance for a session
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Summary of call on 23 March 2022
Present: Kaustubh, Vishal, Akhila ji, Apoorva

  • Akhila ji has been piloting the system with a batch of 9 learners
  • According to our action plan (https://docs.google.com/document/d/15427FkUJpbSHvYwzWekVSxRj4P2_-Xl_XcYV6IAingg), the first step was to validate whether the system is helping (over 4-6 weeks). Got the feedback that the system is indeed helping.
  • Calls can be biweekly now
  • Apoorva: we should think about scaling… it shouldn’t be difficult for a Volunteer Coordinator to view sessions and obtain data.