Madhi Foundation Project

Attendees: Kaustubh, @WishArya, @Rushabh_Mehta, Roopesh from Madhi, Merlia from Madhi
When: 1-1.45pm, 4 February 2022

  • Merlia & Roopesh: Since they need only the Projects module, ERPNext’s other modules are slightly overwhelming
  • ClickUp is too expensive
  • ClickUp doesn’t have good visualization for their use case, they want to improve on that too.
  • Call pushed ahead to first catch-up internally
  • Kaustubh: Missed sharing example goals sheet earlier
  • Rushabh: More like performance management than project management
  • Action Items:
    • Create custom Frappe instance for Madhi
    • ClickUp/Sheets mapping to Frappe Doctypes after receiving the ClickUp video with custom DocTypes
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@WishArya is championing this project now. Progress so far is that the DocTypes, options, and UI features are added.

Based on today’s discussion from 10.45-11.30, (present: Kaustubh, Vishal), these are the todos I will be working on:

  • [X] Task % progress - monthly
  • [X] For each objective, details should show the quarterly progress in terms of milestones completed in each quarter
  • [X] Depending on Due Date, set the delay status of each task - after_save and each day
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all are added. Completion Date for tasks is now also set to today via server scripts (but remains editable by the user).

The delay status will depend on this completion date which defaults to today but may be set by the user too.

Note: we should clarify on the delay statuses.
Currently, as per the requirements document Madhi team has shared, it was “On Time”, Week", “Month”, “More than a Month”. So, the delay days are mapped in this way:
<= 0 days: On Time
1-7 days: Week
8-28 days: Month
> 28 days: More than a Month

This may be confusing when, a delay of 8 days shows up as delayed by a month.

Can we have the progress in percentage rather than 1/1 milestones completed?

Yeah. Even I had some doubts about presenting progress in that way. I’ll make the changes by tomorrow.

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