Making FOSS United Events Low-Waste

At IndiaFOSS 3.0, FOSS United attempted to make it a low-waste conference in partnership with “Let’s Be The Change (LBTC).”

Sharing the minutes of the meeting about this partnership. Present: @Renuka_Pooja and @WishArya.

Feedback and Insights from the LBTC team


  • It was indeed a low waste event and we love the NO GIFTING culture at Foss United.
  • Two things we could have avoided
    • Avoided the Bagasse plates for breakfast
    • Ensure that caterers do not use wooden spoons (they were used for desserts)
  • We could have connected with the caterers at least a week before to ensure they are aware about the low waste event and help them provide cutleries if needed.


  • The email and digital awareness campaigns helped people to avoid creating more waste.
  • Not providing any tissues was helpful. (However this is possible if all plates and cutleries are clean and hygienic)
  • We need to work with the caterers to ensure that excess food is given to the needy and food waste being sent to piggeries/as a feed to animals/for bio-methanation instead of composting by the municipality. Reason being the first 3 practices mentioned are way more sustainable that just composting.
  • Food waste was minimal during both the days. It was around 20 to 30 kgs and was way lesser than a conventional event for a similar crowd as told by the caterer.

What’s Next?

In collaboration with LBTC, FOSS United will:

  1. Utilize Cutlery Banks in various cities.
  2. Engage with caterers at least two weeks before the event to ensure the execution of our low-waste plans.
  3. Recruit zero-waste volunteers from different cities to assist at cityFOSS conferences.
  4. Develop incentives for zero-waste volunteers from various cities.
  5. Offer eco-friendly t-shirts and goodies at future events.
  6. Promote the use of public transportation and shared cabs.
  7. Train lead organizers in conducting low-waste conferences.


Share the collective feedback from participants on the low-waste initiative with the LBTC team and the community.