[March '22] Weekly calls

Summary of weekly call on 11th March: @Anand @WishArya @nikochiko @Rushabh_Mehta

  1. IndiaFOSS 2022
    • 27-28 May
    • Bengaluru (IIMB, IIIT)
    • @WishArya to follow up on venue. Take help of Venky
  2. Project updates (check project updates on this forum)
  3. Service for NPOs
    • Should FOSS United be in the service business (Tech for NPOs: Some thoughts)
    • We should start building long term assets, videos, guides etc. for standard activities like CRM, CMS etc. -> How to run your NPO (use frappe.io/wiki ?)
    • Build partner network to help NPOs
  4. Meetups:
    • We should stop monthly calls and start IRL meetups in Bengaluru - start form April?
    • Venue: Takshashila office at MG Rd is a good central point (@Anand to find out)
  5. Mon.School
    • Python Primer: live
    • Mypy Primer: live
    • Self Hosting 101: 2.5/7 chapters done
    • Git & Github for beginners: slow progress
    • Data Analysis with Python: slow progress
    • Unix command-line: 3/6 chapters done
    • Building webapps with Python: No progress this week
    • Frappe Framework: no progress from last 3 weeks
    • Building Online Games with Python: may not happen
    • Rust for Beginners: dropped
    • Potentially giving out 6L as bounties for the courses!

Summary of the call on March 25th: @Anand @nikochiko @WishArya

  1. Project (check the respective forum for their update)
    • Bhasha
    • LTE
    • Farmhill
    • Sambhavam
    • LMP
    • Madhi
    • Guidestar India