MeenHacks V2 Hackathon

About MeenHacks: Meenachil / Meen Hacks V2, the 2nd edition of a MeenHack is an All India Level Hackathon hosted by the Technical Club/Communities of College of Engineering, Kidangoor.

It is a sincere effort to provide a fruitful experience to all those who wish to explore their areas of interest. The event is an opportunity for hackers to exchange their ideas, gain extra knowledge, and to make good relations for future collaborations. Meenachil Hacks is focused on Community Development and Diversity.

Our Vision is to bring the best Tinkers, Hackers and developers under a single roof and to help them solve Real World Problems. We strive to reduce the gap between Society/Community and Technology. The offline sprint after the pandemic brought all of us out of our virtual zones to involve ourselves back to the real world. Through Meen Hack, we aim to channelize the creative and mindful energies of the young engineering minds across India to bring in a productive stance to interact and learn, to build solutions that deliver impact, and create a wholesome experience for themselves.