Mentors needed - ASoC


I am Vijit from ALiAS (, so very soon we are launching ALiAS Summer of Code, where we would be onboarding 30-40 mentees who would be working on ALiAS’s open source projects for a month under a mentor who would help guide them through the codebase and PR process.

About ALiAS We are a volunteer-run Linux and OSS Club based out of Amity University Noida.

This program is meant for beginners to OSS but not programming.
Thanks to @WishArya, we are sponsored by FOSS United!

So if you are a project maintainer who would be interested in mentoring a bunch of students (2-3 per project) and helping them contribute to an OSS project, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

Timeline for the event can be found here →

Apart from ALiAS’s own projects, we have @Swastik_Baranwal 's BOX CLI Maker on board!

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