[Minutes] Call with Mon.School outreach volunteers

Attendee: Sneha, Shivam, @WishArya and @Anand

  • An intro to the Joy of programming session to the college club leads.
  • Ask them if they are interested in mentoring and helping the club members once they have completed the course.
  • An appealing message/poster for mon school to (Collab with TinkerHub to do this)
    • One-pager
    • Multiple-pagers
  • What would be appealing to students:
    • What we have done so far - e.g. Code a pookkalam
  • Upcoming courses:
    • Practical Python by Anand C
  • Another interesting course:
    • Fundamentals of Data Science
    • Action course/opportunity after the course completion
  • Mentorship/support from other folks on a single platform / community