Model of Organising an Event

This thread is about the Model of How to start organizing FOSS Meetup’s / Events in a very new city. It’s about starting with a good day-long FOSS Event or starting with small FOSS Meetup’s.

I am planning to organize an event in my city. It’s the very first time that there will be a truly spirited FOSS Conference. It’s a smart city, but honestly speaking, nothing is smart. So, I just want to organize a FOSS Conference in my city to show everyone what an actual software or tech event is like.

@WishArya and I were discussing how to start organizing an event in a new city where there have been no FOSS conferences before. Until now, FOSS United Events had their events starting with a long yearly conference in every city, including Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi, etc. Hence, there’s a big question in front of me whether I should start with a day-long conference or conduct a small 2-3 day event first.

My opinion: I honestly feel that starting with a day-long event is more preferable, speaking from my city’s perspective. There’s not much awareness about FOSS in my city. So, if there’s a bigger event I’ll be able to advertise and try getting more attendee’s. Also, in the past afaik i’ve never seen any advertisement about any meetup or so. Well, I know starting small is good and then turn small conferences into a day long conference.

Do share your thoughts :slight_smile: We’re open to having healthy discussions.