Model of Organising an Event

This thread is about the Model of How to start organizing FOSS Meetup’s / Events in a very new city. It’s about starting with a good day-long FOSS Event or starting with small FOSS Meetup’s.

I am planning to organize an event in my city. It’s the very first time that there will be a truly spirited FOSS Conference. It’s a smart city, but honestly speaking, nothing is smart. So, I just want to organize a FOSS Conference in my city to show everyone what an actual software or tech event is like.

@wisharya and I were discussing how to start organizing an event in a new city where there have been no FOSS conferences before. Until now, FOSS United Events had their events starting with a long yearly conference in every city, including Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi, etc. Hence, there’s a big question in front of me whether I should start with a day-long conference or conduct a small 2-3 day event first.

My opinion: I honestly feel that starting with a day-long event is more preferable, speaking from my city’s perspective. There’s not much awareness about FOSS in my city. So, if there’s a bigger event I’ll be able to advertise and try getting more attendee’s. Also, in the past afaik i’ve never seen any advertisement about any meetup or so. Well, I know starting small is good and then turn small conferences into a day long conference.

Do share your thoughts :slight_smile: We’re open to having healthy discussions.

Kindly empathize for FOSS rural (rayalaseema) where atleast 1 workshop in an year…you can hold at our beautiful rural surrounding…enlighten the kids or college professors around…

see mother nature and some historical aspects…

may be even 4 hrs workshop…would do…

We are requesting in this fashion with IEEE, ISRO team, Auto Sec Research Group., Linux or CSA chapters, NULL etc.,

We hate migration to cities…we are lazy to migrate and like to be with our large families and farms