MoM : Discussion on sponsorship tiers and industry partnership deck

Meeting Minutes

Date: January 15, 2024
Time: 6:15 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: Third Wave Coffee, JP Nagar
Attendees: @Shubham_Arora , @Vishal_Arya @Athira_Girish


  • Getting acquainted with each other
  • Discussion on the significance of partnership tiers and industry partnership deck
  • How to pitch FOSS United as a CSR activity or ease-to-hire platform to the companies for future partnership.


  • The meeting was initiated by Vishal with the primary goal of helping Shubham and I to get to know each other.
  • The main focus was on discussing the significance of sponsorship tiers and the industry partnership deck.
  • The team explored strategies for pitching FOSS United as a CSR activity for potential sponsorships.

Key Points:

  • The proposed 30-minute discussion evolved into a 3-hour conversation, ranging from FOSS to geopolitics, highlighting the interconnectedness of various topics.
  • Shubham provided valuable insights on pitching FOSS as CSR and went into the specifics of the pitch.
  • Vishal conducted a detailed examination of each slide, elaborating on initiatives and presenting numbers to help sponsors understand the in-house projects.
  • Consensus was reached on the principle of ‘Under promise and over deliver.’

Action Items:

  • Vishal to share two sets of notes related to FOSS grants and FOSS for NPOs.
  • Investigate ‘Tasks and Responsibilities Ownership - FOSS United Foundation,’ referencing the keyword from the FOSS forum, and engage in direct discussions with the owners of the programs/verticals at FOSS United.

Open Issues and Future Agenda:

  • Ongoing exploration of the deck, with a plan to follow up and discuss progress in the next meeting.
  • Looking forward to building on these discussions in our future interactions.