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Please share the issues related to course Self Hosting 101 here.

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Great job with the course. :clap: :+1:

I noticed a bunch of issues as i took the course.
Here’s a brain-dump.

Feel free to review the issues and let me know if i can send a patch somewhere to address them.


  1. Refer to each unit uniformly everywhere (section? chapter? lesson? week? …)

  2. Stick to either one of you/your or we/our throughout the course.
    (some places “you will learn…”, other places “we will see…”

  3. Mention in the summary/into that this course requires 5USD to create a DigitalOcean droplet. Also mention that sufficient free credits are available on sign-up, if creating a new account on DO.

  4. Follow uniform capitalization of chapter/lesson titles.

  5. Split long run-on sentences.

  6. Run the text through a word-processor and fix trivial grammar issues.

    • missing/incorrect a, an, the
    • mismatch singular-plural
      (after the first few lessons, i lost interest to highlight each such grammar issue in the below list)
  7. Stick to commonly used sentence-patterns and phrases.
    Trim the “extra fat” from a lot of the sentences to improve the reading “flow” and sound more professional.

    Here’s an example…

    However, besides that kind of tasks, we should not be running anything with a root user.

    Apart from such tasks, we should not run anything as a root user.


Privacy: There are some software

Collective singular noun.
Better to avoid the debate and use “software applications” instead?

we’ll learn more about that in Week 2

Broken URL

Github is a popular choice of tool for a VCS

git is the tool. Github is one of the services.

In this chaptwe,

TYPO: chaptwe --> chapter

If you’re doing this course

attempting / following this course

TYPO in URLs monshol --> monschool

Also add a quote+link to the Monschool settings page where one can configure one’s username.

non root user and how to create them

non root --> non-root
them --> one

Creating droplet lesson

Creating a Droplet lesson

it has the access to modify/remove

access --> permission / privilege

A good thumb of rule

rule of thumb

use some concepts here that was learned

was --> were

Creating droplet lesson

Creating a Droplet lesson

Next, enter this on a new line:

Replace the cowsay output
with the lines to add to .bashrc to invoke fortune upon each login.

In this chaptwe,

TYPO: chaptwe --> chapter

Does it redirect based purely on /bye
or based on whether the client connected on port 7000 and /bye

( Completed 3 of 6 parts of the course till now.
If the above feedback is useful, i can share further feedback as i wrap-up the 2nd half of the course in the near future.)

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Thanks, @CVS for reporting the above issues. We will try to fix them ASAP.

How about adding a chapter / lesson of installing SSL certificates (to enable HTTPS) ?

Using LetsEncrypt, it seems to easy as installing and running a single certbot command.