Open source WebRTC Signalling Server for one to one video calling

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This is my first post in this group. Please forgive if I didn’t follow some forum rules for this post.

As web based video calling is becoming main stream, many web developers want to integrate video calling into their application for various purposes like online teaching -learning, online doctor - patient communication, video customer support, video KYC and the list goes on. The major barrier until now was the learning curve of the technology which is primarily used to build such a service, WebRTC.

Though there are some open source projects in WebRTC which simplify the building process of such an app up to some extent, still the web developers find the learning curve steep enough. Also there are no such open source signaling servers from India yet.

In order to make fellow web developers life easy for integrating a video calling functionality / feature in to their website, my company has open sourced a production grade WebRTC signalling server which can scale up to 1000s of concurrent calls without much issue.

Please keep in mind that it can be used to integrate one to one video calling but NOT multiparty video conferencing capabilities in to any application / website.

If anybody in this forum needs help in integrating video calling capabilities in to their application / website using this open source signalling server, feel free to let me know. I’ll be happy to help.

Link to the blog post with details :
Link to the open source github repo:

PS: This is India’s first open source production grade WebRTC signaling server (if I am not wrong!). With this, I am glad to contribute to the Indian open source ecosystem and excited about the possibilities it brings to organizations / NGOs looking forward to integrate one to one video calling into their application to reach out to a wider audience.

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