OpenAlgo: Open Source Low-Code Algorithmic Trading Platform

OpenAlgo is an open-source and self-hosted algo trading platform, giving you the flexibility to operate it directly from your desktop or laptop, or deploy it on servers, depending on your requirements.

OpenAlgo is currently utilized as a bridge to automate trading strategies by connecting popular trading platforms like Amibroker, TradingView, MetaTrader, and Python with Indian brokers. Designed with the modern trader in mind, it facilitates seamless interactions with multiple brokers through a minimalist and intuitive user interface.

Getting Started


Our goal is to transform OpenAlgo into a foundational model that serves as a versatile base for building various stock market applications. This includes:

  • Stock Market Analytics Applications
  • Stock Market Screener Applications for Investor/Trader
  • Algorithmic Trading Platforms
  • Options Analytics Platforms
  • No-Code Backtesting Platforms
  • Hosted Python Trading Strategies

Tech Stack Used

  • Backend Framework: Python Flask Framework
  • Frontend Design: Tailwind CSS + Jinja Template for a sleek and user-friendly UI interface
  • Database: SQLite for robust and seamless local data management