Organisations working in FOSS for social sector

One of the discussions I was involved in during the OASIS event was that social sector organisations did not know of enough intermediaries who can help them setup FOSS tools. If you are a service provider working for the social sector, please add your details on this thread. So that we can share this to any prospective social sector org.

Here is a proposed format:

Name: [Name of your org]
Tools: e.g. Wordpress, Frappe etc.
Capabilities: e.g. mobile apps, web apps estc.
Past Projects:
Contact person:
Email / Phone:

(any other details you may want to add)

Name: Tech4Good Labs & Fellows
City: Kochi, Bengaluru
Capabilities: Thinking through strategy for tech in your work, co-creating tech solutions, Data Collection tools, Discoverability & Fundraising tools, Day to day operations processes and tools (HR, Payroll, Accounts, projects, etc)
Tools: Kobotoolbox, Metabase, Frappe, Customisation of ERPNext for NPOs , Discourse and other tools at 1. Showcase / Toolkit
Past Projects & Website:
Contact person: Shemeer / Jinso / Aysha
Email / Phone:


Name: Tech4Good Community (T4GC)
City: Bengaluru

Tools: A list of free and open source software we use can be found here.

Capabilities: T4GC is fundamentally a capacity building organization for social change entities wanting to adopt technology. We provide training to use tech tools in a no code environment and have a Technology team that is building data engineering systems consisting of data ingestion>transformation>visualization setups, deep learning/computer vision based climate tech, chatbots, statistical learning on large datasets and full stack web development.

Past Projects: Refer to our impact stories and past projects can be accessed here

Contact person: Tushar/Rinju/Akhila/Anusha
Email / Phone:


Name: SSSGrameen
City: Anantapuramu
Tools: IT (FOSS tools), Hardware (proprietary), cybersecurity (predominantly FOSS or based), Datascience (ELK or splunk etc.,), Accounting&Payroll (Zoho Finance), ERP (Frappe??),
Capabilities: IT (mobile apps, testing), IT hardware/ISP, Data (analytics/datascience), cybersecurity, Accounting/Compliance, Manpower, Funding, Training
Past Projects: Trainings (Probono to rural kids, chargeable to Univ grads and professionals), Rural back office to 2 US companies (realestate & security), cybersecurity (SaaS product, Hyundai GIA, SOC2 compliance to security Saas product and MSSP vendor), early stage startup funding
Contact person: Sri Kumar
Email / Phone: /

  • For Social sector, Charity entities, we are happy to provide probono or cost based services.
    (any other details you may want to add)

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your (sust) agri projects are wonderful. happy to connect on few projects we are starting

  • agri command centre to track each farmer based on Iot, drone feeds and iirs satetlite data; later selling their produce without charges; and giving free seeds and inputs

appreciate more details on ERP project