OSDC, FOSS Club in Noida - Updates Thread

OSDC, or Open Source Developers Community, started out as being based in and around JIIT Noida, India. A community of OSS maintainers, web developers, android freaks, machine learning enthusiasts, hackers, designers, game developers and most significantly Explorers. We welcome those who believe in the open source philosophy and are willing to sacrifice their naps in order to change the world.

We organize various workshops, (nearly) weekly meetups, talks and hackathons in an effort towards encouraging more people to lean into the open source world! We love having late night conversations on tech and building new things. If you love the same just hop in, we are looking forward for your participation: links to join!

Our main means of communication remains our Discord server with Matrix and Telegram bridges.

We started out as a college community but have now expanded beyond that and have all sorts of active members. We see international members. students from other colleges, working professionals, people pursuing their PhD’s active on our discord. This has lended two aspects to community management: one online as an open-for-all forum for discussion and another as a college community that needs to conduct events and maintain an active presence and OSS culture (+ a tech culture in general :skull:) at college.

Core-Team Structure and Activity

As a college club, have an assigned faculty from the CSE Department overlooking us. The CT (Core Team) is more-or-less flat with distribution as follows:

  • 3 Coordinators (3rd years)

  • 25 Core-Team members: Twenty 2nd years + Five 3rd years

Our model for a core-team has been based on very “free” values with no departments as such. Before every event, we get on a Jitsi call and do polls on who’ll be interested in taking up which aspect: posters, talk, logistics, permissions, etc and receive very enthusiastic participation (Someone has been left unassigned everytime so far, touchwood on this much CT enthusiasm).

Good interactions via community discussions/activities and leading by example have been able to help us avoid having to nag/push core team members to take up tasks and make them genuinely curious about trying out new things. We’ve found an emphasis on shitposting and active non-tech, off-topic channels really helping with community bonding and in turn the more on-topic i.e. the tech + volunteering activities (especially for college students).

Though it’s no issue if someone can’t make it on occasion, we do have a CT-purge between semesters to remove those who’ve been consistently inactive in events or discord (the bar is low) and haven’t started with any OSS contributions either. So this number is subject to going down a bit by next sem.

We have some 4th years and alumni active in the community online which has made all the difference. Aside from contributing in daily discussions and mentoring pretty much everyone, they help in guiding the CT decisions, giving talks on events, and judging + mentoring participants in our online events like the CodeJam and OSDHack. Having active moderators and members from outside college, really gets the server through on occasions when college duties pile up for the rest of us.

The 3 month plan:

Though new ideas that come up, like the recent crontab community project, are mostly spontaneous, so are the topics for most talks.
Also starting from October to maintain a record for reference and posterity.

October -

  • Orientation and Linux Meetup
  • Linux Installation Drive
  • Linux Shell and Git-Github workshop
  • Ujjwal Sharma / ryzokuken’s Intro to OSS, Career Talk

November -

  • Intro to CTF’s meetup
  • New OSS Project started: GitHub - osdc/crontab.training
  • Workshop from https://gofr.dev
  • FOSSConf ‘23 Community Partnership / volunteering
  • OSS programs meetup (GSoC, LFX, etc) ahead of KOSS’ KOSSome KWoC

December -

  • DevOps December // Week of DevOps program: pretty much like a study-group with daily goals and accountability partners
  • Codejam-v4: flagship five-day long online hackathon where we team up people by ourselves
  • Put out the first Annual issue for our new Newsletter project
  • Some people will be participating in KWoC
  • Planning for OSDHack ‘24 to be held in April. Draft out details, start reaching out to sponsors.

January -

  • Weekly talks/events based around what the core-team has been exploring at that time
  • OSDHack prep