Paisa - Open-source Personal Finance Manager

I have been using plain text accounting personally for a few years and had a few scripts to generate graphs from the data. Last year, I decided to rewrite the scripts and make something usable by others. I believe it’s at a stage where it’s usable by others.

Github: ananthakumaran/paisa


Wow @Anantha_Kumaran - it looks like a very polished project. I hope you consider giving a talk about it at a local FOSS United city meetup soon.

I’ve never built up the discipline to consistently use a personal accounting software but I just might try to use yours and see if I’ve gotten better.

That looks slick! :fire:

@Anantha_Kumaran this is amazing I have tried it on a Linux machine, and this is what I felt, demo page analytics was very good and instantly grabbed my attention & tried to use it, I felt I needed to understand how these are fed into the system & guide is very thorough will try to understand & use it. I think I saw issues while importing my account/credit card pdfs

Feel free to create a new discussion on Github with more details. PDFs are in general harder to parse compared to other formats, but the importer is flexible and usually can get it to work with some extra effort.