PeriFerry Project

PeriFerry is an organisation founded in 2017 that helps transgender individuals with employment and skilling opportunitie, in addition to creating LGBTQIA+ friendly workplaces.

As a part of our NPO Support, FOSS United is helping PeriFerry onboarding new candidates & trainees who reached out to them for jobs.

Summary of call on 2nd Feb (10:30AM-12:00PM):

Agenda: To workaround on the issue where table multiselect field type cause creation of multiple rows (rows equals to the number of languages selected in the field).
Present: @nikochiko , Vishal
Solution: @Anand suggested that we should concatenate all the languages and assign it to a new field (read only) and use that field to generate report. Kaustubh wrote a server script to do this.
Status: Issue solved
Problem faced:

  • Some mandatory fields were blank earlier
  • Some options in the select field types were changed which cause error while saving the records.
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Call on 2nd Feb(12:30-1:00PM)
Present: Aisrey, Vishal
Agenda: Demo the latest update in the system.


  1. Only need to export the highest qualification in the report