PGSOC discussion at Anthill Hacks

I had attended a PGSOC discussion with @realvinay that was organzed at Anthill Hacks. We had multiple discussions on organic farming, where tech is needed, and what sort of tools can be used to make life easier both for the consumer and farmers. PGSOC in itself is a certification that is provided to organic farmers, and the end goal is to make the certification process easier and bring out more validation from the consumer perspective. These are some of the salient points from the discussion:

  1. End consumers need verification if a crop produce is organic in nature, for which we suggested to use QR codes on their products that links to a static page describing the farm, thus adding some veracity to the product and PGSOC certificate.
  2. There are plenty of issues regarding data collection while dealing with farmers in remote villages which have zero network, or fewer devices. As of now, we’ve recommended them to use, but we would need more discussions with the farmers to understand their usecases, and figure out a way to address them via FOSS.

I will continue to add to this thread if any particular requirement arises out of this, which can be added by either building or deploying of any FOSS tools.


Thank You Satya.
Adding a drive link which contains some reading material on PGSOC, the processes of certification and traceability which was discussed at the hackathon