Planning ChennaiFOSS 2.0

Minutes of the Meeting

Planning Call

ChennaiFoss Dates targeted 6, 13, 20 April

Event Plan: 10am to 5pm (with lunch) One full day

Proposed date for ChennaiCityFOSS - 20th April 2024

Hari To conduct: Workshop for kids with certifications (Kissflow aleady did same kind of workshop)

IIT-Madras is a potential venue as well.

Kosmo one & Chennai VIT space available - (can check with Fr8 for 300 person capacity conf. hall)

Expecting crowd: around 150 to 200.

IT Parks main Food court will be feasable for less wastages but will be costiler.

T-Shirt - Paid counter for raising fund (no complusion to buy. price to be discussed).

Proposal template to be submited on forum for ChennaiFoss after confirming venues.

Ansh to Release a call for volunteers.

Ticket cost: 200 Rs for professionals and 100Rs for Students.

Estimated Food cost: 200 Rs per person x 120 targated (for lunch and tea, snacks)
Banners : painting 1000 Rs (for materials)
Standee : 2000 Rs (optional)
Tripod: 1000 Rs
Stickers: 3500 Rs

Total budgeting cost: 30,500 Rs approx.


Call for volunteers is now open


Report on Venue Exploration Meeting with Kosmo One and Fr8 Team

Introduction: We recently conducted an in-person meeting with representatives from Kosmo One and the Fr8 team to explore a potential venue for our upcoming event. The venue under consideration has three interconnected halls, and we discussed various aspects to determine its suitability for our requirements.

Venue Configuration: The venue offers a unique L-shaped configuration when booking two halls together, providing an interesting layout for our conference. This setup allows for versatile arrangements, enhancing the overall experience for our participants.

Cost Considerations: As part of our evaluation, we learned that the venue is a paid one. Considering our budget constraints, we aim to make the most cost-effective decisions while ensuring a high-quality experience for our attendees.

Audio-Visual Setup: The venue provides a central projector and screen, but additional arrangements, such as a stage with speaker and microphone systems, are needed. We are also contemplating the inclusion of an optional TV to improve visibility, especially for participants seated at the back.

Entry Process Challenges: While Fr8 has expressed their willingness to manage the entry process, we encountered a challenge regarding the requirement for unmasked Aadhar during a previous event. We need to address this concern and negotiate with the entry team to minimize the sensitivity of information required.

Additional Setup for Community Interaction: To foster community interaction or accommodate potential hiring partners, we are considering setting up two tables. If required, we will explore the possibility of renting booth setups to enhance the engagement experience.

Cafeteria Services: The venue features a cafeteria, and discussions with the Kosmo One team regarding catering services have been positive. They have offered to provide food, snacks, and tea within our budget, ensuring participants have access to refreshments during the event.

Sponsorship Confirmation: Fr8 has confirmed their sponsorship for the venue space alone, which is a positive development that will contribute to the overall financial viability of the event.

Action Items:

  • Initiate discussions with the entry team to address and negotiate the requirement for unmasked Aadhar.
  • Confirm details with the AV team regarding the setup of the stage, speaker system, and optional TV.
  • Continue exploring other potential venues for comparison and backup options.
  • Conduct a detailed cost analysis to ensure that all expenses align with the budget.
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting with Kosmo One and Fr8 to finalize venue booking details.

After crunching the numbers and factoring in venue and setup costs, we’re adjusting the ticket prices.

New prices:

  • Professionals: Rs 300 (up from Rs 200)
  • Students: Rs 150 (up from Rs 100)

Unveiling the ChennaiFOSS 2.0 logo


Call for volunteers is now live!


We have confirmed the ChennaiFOSS 2.0 Venue as Kosmo One Conference Hall with the help and support of FR8.


A few updates,

  • Folks at FR8 were happy to sponsor the venue for us at Kosmo One conference hall
  • We are in talks with the building’s cafeteria to have in house catering, this will help us prevent wastage since we don’t have to order food from outside and the cafeteria will be providing their own crockery. The cost of food is also reasonable.
  • First batch of volunteers onboarded.

ChennaiFOSS 2.0 - ChennaiFOSS 2.0 is the 2nd edition of our flagship annual FOSS conference in Chennai to promote FOSS - Free and Open Source Software. is now live.

The volunteer onboarding call will be held today. We are starting the preparations and outreach for the conference this week.

The Commit Company will also be sponsoring INR 30,000 towards ChennaiFOSS 2.0 :tada:

Special efforts are being made to make ChennaiFOSS 2.0 zero/low waste and sustainable. @Harsh_Patel will be leading the Low Waste workgroup

Minutes of Meeting

Roles Assignment for FOSS 2.0:

Design: Eeshwar & Justin
Logistics: Vignesh & Swapna
Speakers/Mentors: Prashanth & Ragavi (discussed speakers’ invitations)
Sponsorship: Eeshwar and Prashanth
Social Media: Meghana & Arun
Diversity: Sulthan
Low Waste Management: Prashanth & Ragavi
Community Partnership: Meghana & Navin
Video Production: Arun & Thaufig

Emphasis on unique design, like pixelation, to stand out.
Discussed logistics management, including banners and stickers.
Explored sponsorship opportunities with various companies.
Planned social media marketing strategies for FOSS 2.0.
Discussed diversity initiatives, such as offering free tickets to promote open-source awareness among enthusiasts.
Discussed waste management, focusing on minimizing plastic usage and utilizing paper products and cloth.
Discussed community partnership strategies, including outreach via email.


Announced ChennaiFOSS 2.0 in socials

Twitter (X)



Minutes of Meeting

Design Meet:

Participants: Justin Benito, Mugilan, Arun, Pranav, Hari


  • Introduction to everyone

  • Figma Design and Chennai FOSS Assets Overview

  • Briefing the Dos and Don’ts in designing

  • Discussion of the frequency of Social Media Posts, decided to be 2 per week.

  • posting designs in Social Media has been handed over to Arun

  • Planning of Announcement Reels

  • Discussion of previous meet topics, roles and responsibilities

  • Suggestion to Update everything in Chennai FOSS forum page.


வணக்கம் தமிழ் மக்களே! :pray:

We can’t hide our excitement any more.

Introduction ChennaiFOSS 2.0

We are thrilled to unveil the next chapter in our tech journey. ChennaiFOSS 2.0 is here, bringing innovation, collaboration, and learning to the forefront.

Register Now : Book Conference Tickets

#ChennaiFOSS2024 #TechInnovation #OpenSource #ChennaiTech :rocket::wrench:


Quick Updates.

  • Confirmed the food with the in house vendor. Food will be provided in the venue regular cafeteria counters. ChennaiFOSS 2.0 ID will hold one Executive meals for free.
  • Confirmed with the Mic System Vendors also speaking to get the reusable roller standees for the same.
  • taking the ChennaiFOSS holds the great speaker line-up reputations. we are reducing the cost and participants count from 300 to 200 since we have visibility issues in the conference hall that leads to setup stage and separate TV for 50 heads also reduces the booth spaces. Reduces the count from 300 to 200 makes the event much more free and interactive also we will be making the event live.
  • Planned to use the second hall as a unconference space with booths.
  • Announced our First Keynote speaker.
  • The ticket sales is low but we are not planning not to go with high marketing plans considering the interested participants will register by seeing the quality sessions.
  • On boarded SLFC,ILUGC,VGLUG,Namma Flutter, React Chennai,Kaniyam Foundation and kanchi lug as Community partners.

:microphone:Meet our first speaker for ChennaiFOSS 2.0, Shree Kumar, as he dives into “THEJAS32 - The Sarkari SoC”.

Join us as Shree Kumar takes us on a journey through the innovative landscape of THEJAS32, offering unique insights on the first “made-in-India” SoC available in single quantity. :india:

Don’t miss out on this enlightening session! See you at ChennaiFOSS 2.0!

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Announcing our second speaker for ChennaiFOSS 2.0 :microphone:
Meet Balu B., Product Engineer at Hoppscotch who’ll share his insights on “Building Open Hardware with FOSS”.

Join us for an enlightening session as Balu dives deep into the realm of hardware projects, showcasing how he’s transformed ideas into reality using a blend of renowned and lesser-known FOSS tools.

Registrations for ChennaiFOSS 2.0 are open. Get your passes at

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Confirmed Social Partnership with one of the leading tamil youtube tech community Meta Monkeys

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Excited on this talk.

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