Planning DelhiFOSS 2.0

Minutes of the Meeting

Timestamp: Jan 12th, 9:30PM
Attendees : Ansh, Karan, Sejal, Shivam, Vishal, Yash
Target Conference Date: 9th March 2024, Saturday
Venue: IIT Delhi


  • FOSS United Selling 250 Tickets, 100 for students, 300 for professionals

  • ~50 tix of IIT Delhi students will attend

  • Fundraise target: ~30K INR

  • Catering cost of IITD Students will be covered by their club {OR} Discount on Student Tix for IITD students if FOSS Sponsors their student ticket: This depends upon budget calculations and cost of catering per person

  • Printing + catering is the main cost

  • Budgeting needs to be done (model on Pune FOSS) [Owned by Karan Gandhi]

  • Re-Purpose existing designs for Delhi FOSS 2.0 [owned by Yash Raj]

  • Speaker Outreach [owned by Yash Raj]

  • Venue Confirmation [owned by Sejal Jain]

Important Links + Messages

Design stuff:


Current Volunteer Team members: Arpit, Karan, Ridhima, Sejal, Shivam, Swastik, Yash

Latest updates:

  • Date finalised: 9th March 2024

  • Venue finalised: IIT Delhi. Owned by Sejal

  • Food Caterer: Most likely IITD’s canteen has quoted 300 per person, but the menu is yet to be quoted.

  • Website: Karan and Shivam. In progress @karanmgandhi

  • Designs: Ridhima is driving this, Karan is managing

  • Currently blocked:

    • Announcement for the conference because of website pending work and graphic designs for RSVP, CFP.
    • Karan and Ridhima to unblock this by Wednesday.
  • Sponsorship:

    • Need 50,000 INR fund
    • Yash, Swastik, and Arpit are driving this
    • They have made the deck
    • Now reaching out to potential sponsors
  • Speaker Outreach:

    • Owners: Shivam, Yash, Swastik
    • Happening in the background.
    • Will be prioritised after sponsorship
  • Volunteer Selection:

    • Community Outreach: Manya Saini and Khushi Panwar are selected
    • Additional On-ground volunteers for conference day: Shubh, and Parth Sachdeva
    • Video Recording and Streaming: 2 candidates were shortlisted, and one didn’t show up for the interview. Need to reach out to another candidate to schedule an interview
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We are pleased to announce Delhi FOSS 2.0!

A conference which aims to bring software developers, policy makers, communities and enthusiasts together, so we can learn and inspire each other.

Stay tuned for more updates!