Planning DelhiFOSS 2.0

Minutes of the Meeting

Timestamp: Jan 12th, 9:30PM
Attendees : Ansh, Karan, Sejal, Shivam, Vishal, Yash
Target Conference Date: 9th March 2024, Saturday
Venue: IIT Delhi


  • FOSS United Selling 250 Tickets, 100 for students, 300 for professionals

  • ~50 tix of IIT Delhi students will attend

  • Fundraise target: ~30K INR

  • Catering cost of IITD Students will be covered by their club {OR} Discount on Student Tix for IITD students if FOSS Sponsors their student ticket: This depends upon budget calculations and cost of catering per person

  • Printing + catering is the main cost

  • Budgeting needs to be done (model on Pune FOSS) [Owned by Karan Gandhi]

  • Re-Purpose existing designs for Delhi FOSS 2.0 [owned by Yash Raj]

  • Speaker Outreach [owned by Yash Raj]

  • Venue Confirmation [owned by Sejal Jain]

Important Links + Messages

Design stuff:


Current Volunteer Team members: Arpit, Karan, Ridhima, Sejal, Shivam, Swastik, Yash

Latest updates:

  • Date finalised: 9th March 2024

  • Venue finalised: IIT Delhi. Owned by Sejal

  • Food Caterer: Most likely IITD’s canteen has quoted 300 per person, but the menu is yet to be quoted.

  • Website: Karan and Shivam. In progress @karanmgandhi

  • Designs: Ridhima is driving this, Karan is managing

  • Currently blocked:

    • Announcement for the conference because of website pending work and graphic designs for RSVP, CFP.
    • Karan and Ridhima to unblock this by Wednesday.
  • Sponsorship:

    • Need 50,000 INR fund
    • Yash, Swastik, and Arpit are driving this
    • They have made the deck
    • Now reaching out to potential sponsors
  • Speaker Outreach:

    • Owners: Shivam, Yash, Swastik
    • Happening in the background.
    • Will be prioritised after sponsorship
  • Volunteer Selection:

    • Community Outreach: Manya Saini and Khushi Panwar are selected
    • Additional On-ground volunteers for conference day: Shubh, and Parth Sachdeva
    • Video Recording and Streaming: 2 candidates were shortlisted, and one didn’t show up for the interview. Need to reach out to another candidate to schedule an interview
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We are pleased to announce Delhi FOSS 2.0!

A conference which aims to bring software developers, policy makers, communities and enthusiasts together, so we can learn and inspire each other.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Announcing the first lineup of speakers for the Delhi FOSS 2.0 Conference!

Presenting Nikhil Pahwa, Jatin K Malik, Tanishq Singla, Vipul Gupta!

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Register for the Conference at: Book Conference Tickets

Announcing the second lineup of speakers for the Delhi FOSS 2.0 Conference :partying_face:

Get ready for a hands-on session with Functional Programming in Elixir by Anuvrat Parashar, founder of Essentia

Be sure to bring your laptops :technologist: to join in learning functional programming and Elixir along with a livebook setup and QnA.

Only 25 Tickets left now!

Grab your tickets now for One of the City’s Biggest Open-Source conference! #DelhiFOSS 2.0

Event Date:March 9th
Register Here: DelhiFOSS 2.0 - DelhiFOSS 2.0 is the 2nd edition of our flagship annual FOSS conference in Delhi to promote FOSS - Free and Open Source Software.

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The countdown starts now! :hourglass_flowing_sand:

3 days to the Delhi FOSS 2.0 conference :tada:

Be ready for the most happening FOSS conference in Delhi filled with hands-on sessions, talks, project showcases and networking!

Check the schedule here:

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The agenda for the Delhi FOSS 2.0 Conference has been announced! :loudspeaker:

Prepare for DelhiFOSS 2.0, a conference that brings software developers, policymakers, communities and enthusiasts together!

:calendar_spiral: 9th March 2024
:round_pushpin: IIT Delhi