Proposal for FOSS Meetup, Nagpur

We wish to organize the FOSS Meetup, Nagpur in community collaboration with theDevArmy

We plan to organize a meetup of around 3 hours including the intro about FOSS United, and two speaker sessions.

We could reach out to for the venue. We plan to host around 30-40 attendees.


  • Refreshments for the attendees: 30 Rs. each.
    i.e. 30 * 40 = 1200/- Rs.

Date can be mutually decided, but it should be on Sunday only since the venue is not available on the working days.


Sounds good. Replying to you on email

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Yeah, It’d be nice

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We have confirmed the date to be March 10, 2024, and the venue will be OFIS India, Nagpur

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Nice! When are more details coming out?

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The call for registrations and proposals will be out soon!