[Proposal] FOSS Industry Roundtable

Just adding some thoughts here from our Telegram chat.


To encourage industry participation in FOSS


Invite engineering leaders from top tech companies / startups to share their views on FOSS in a round table.


  1. How do they view FOSS (specially in context of using proprietary cloud APIs)
  2. What are the major problems in their FOSS deployments
  3. Their views towards contributing their internal tools
  4. Vision for Indian FOSS Community - how knowledge sharing can given them competitive advantage.
  5. What opportunities they see in FOSS
  6. How can they contribute to FOSS Communities and FOSS United
  7. What role can FOSS United play to facilitate this.

Next Steps:

  1. Pick a date
  2. Volunteers for inviting leaders (Pranay - Accel ?)

Any thoughts?