[Proposal] IndiaFOSS Hackathon

We do an annual Mumbai Hackathon (https://mumbaihackathon.in) which is great for college students and they get introduced to FOSS. There are lots of things people can build: https://medium.com/@rushabh_mehta/project-ideas-for-mumbai-hackathon-2019-22d17465f294

If there is significant prize money, people will join. Bangalore is the right place to do this. We can offer prize money from Frappe / ERPNext Foundation. Anyone willing to volunteer to take the lead?


Nice to see hackathons happening in Mumbai. Another suggestion is frappe framework or erpnext can be part of google summer of code. That is a great platform where all the popular open source projects participate and students across world use that as their college internship project

We have applied twice for GSOC but rejected. I think our last application was done by a former mentor too. I think we should also have an IndiaFOSS summer of code!

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We should approach an engineering college for the hackathon. @basawaraj you had contacts with RV College right? Shall we propose the hackathon to them?

Still looking for a contact? If you wish, I can put you in touch with someone at PES University. It’s up the road from RV College of Engineering. They’ve got an open source club which would be glad to host the event. https://clubs.pes.edu/open-source

Disclaimer: I’m an Alumni of PES, albeit from the Electrical department.

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Its FOSSUnited Hackathon now! https://fossunited.org/hackathon