PuneFOSS 2.1 Planning

Starting this thread to track the planning for PuneFOSS 2.1.

The idea for the event originated from the first event, and the response we got. Even though we have discontinued monthly meetups due to inconsistent response, all the volunteers feel that 2.0 can definitely be followed up with something cool this year. Hence, 2.1.

Venue: Tentatively, we are open to organising at a college again, maybe SIT, nothing concrete yet.

Dates: June seemed viable, however I personally feel moving it a bit after monsoons will make sense, given our troubled history with rain.

We want to integrate an interactive workshop element into the conference, which the members of FOSS Club SIT can help with. Today after some brainstorming, the club members think that Gentoo/LFS installation might be a good idea. Looking for inputs from the community on good unconference workshop ideas. @Swastik_Baranwal what are you folks planning for DelhiFOSS 2.0?

we are also thinking of making it more oriented to a student crowd, as we’ve found the majority of attendees to be college students.
This does not rule out Company offices as venues.
We will also need a laboratory in case of a college venue

I don’t really feel Gentoo/LFS installation is viable or even something which would work. The compilation of Gentoo itself takes days on some laptops, if you want to conduct a LFS/Gentoo Workshop then I think its a good idea but limited as well.

I can give a good idea:
Back then we were planning to host a TextEditorConf (I was inspired from neovimconf and vimconf). You can actually invite vscode plugin maintainers, vim plugin maintainers, and it will be a very different and unique meetup which might happen if I’m not wrong :p.


The volunteer team doesn’t think Pune has the right crowd for low level events like gentoo/LFS. The texteditorconf idea is good but might be too specific. Could you elaborate on the workshop angle of it?

I did not initially mean the texteditorconf to be a workshop. You can transform it into meetup or even a short and budget friendly 4-5 hour conference. There are endless possibilities. There are many good text editor plugin or extension maintainers, in this way they get a chance to come out and talk about how they made that plugin or extension. Something similar to how @Swastik_Baranwal is maintaining vlang for the Catppuccin project.

Also, I don’t think how it would be too specific. All of us use text editors right ? regardless of whether we are a programmer or a non-programmer (but still doing tech) :p.

I agree with the volunteer team LFS or gentoo really aren’t a thing to do as a workshop in atleast Pune where the general crowd itself is very new to advanced concepts above Linux.

Some suggestions for club activities:

  1. a command line tool dev (workshop): I think you’re enough and well versed to organize and perform in one.
  2. “ProtocolWeekend”: Every weekend you can pick a protocol (Also, this will help in tinkering). One can speak up about a particular protocol. or give a failed try at implementing one.
  3. Documentaries are a great way to learn - but finding the right documentary which speaks only the truth is hard too. You can all sit together in the club, and watch some technical documentary from the past. but this is a very limited as once the stock of good documentaries finishes, you’re clueless about what next.
  4. PainfulDocsDay: We all know writing good documentation is as deadly task but worth learning. Pick a good and fairly free day for everyone in a month, choose a project with bad or documentation which needs a lot of improvements. Try using the project and start writing documentation. If good documentation PR’s come out, I feel the boom around bad culture in Indian Open Source Community will fade away slowly.

Think collectively with everyone, and innovative ideas will emerge out automatically :-]

The format we’re targetting for PuneFOSS 2.1 specifically is first quarter talks, 2nd and 3rd quarter hands on workshop, and 4th quarter talks again. Hence, I was looking for suggestions for the same. Since we’re not doing regular meetups for FOSS United Pune, most of the ideas don’t apply, PuneFOSS is supposed to be a proper conference but with the workshop track, for making it more interesting. They’re pretty good suggestions for internal club activities though. Thanks for the inputs!


As we are having a one day conference. We would have community tables for IFF and ILGU-D and for the project showcase, we would have OSM, Prav and others in talks. We won’t be having an “unconference” workshop but a hands-down session of OSM and Exilir.


Yep, this sounds good. I don’t think something like a full fledged event on text editors, or anything that niche will work at Pune. Let’s explore the conference model further but with more hands on activities

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PuneFOSS 2.0 expense report

Part -A
Tickets (Kind) Number Price Total
Students 82 350 28700
Professionals 25 450 11250
Wednesday solutions 40 450 18000
Total Tickets sold 147 57950
Tshirts opted 14 100 1400
Tshirts sold on day 4 100 400
Part -B
FOSS United Fund 30000
The commit company 40000
GitHub (Reimbursement) 40000
Total 169750
Estimated Expenses
Expenditure Item Total
Venue 21240
Food 32675
Plates and Spoons 6248
Notepad and Sweatshirts 17663.6
Pens(with seeds) 1080
Labels 1449
Standee 4,425
Miscellaneous (Stationery, a cab reimburse, lunch) 2687
Total 87467.6