React India 2022

We have partnered with the React India team as a community partner to bring you some of the best talks from React/Frontend developers from all over the world!

React India 2022 will be held from Sept 22 to Sept 24. The first day is usually reserved for workshops. But this year it will also have some remote talks from several amazing React developers from all over the world!

To access this event you can just head over to on the event day.

The React India 2022 Remote Event will be held on Sept 22, 2022. We will have the following talks:

  • Architecting a scalable infrastructure for your cutting-edge web app by Lydia Hallie, Staff DevRel Engineer at Vercel
  • Building Loader Free Online Apps by Vishwesh Jainkuniya, Full Stack Engineer at
  • React Native Everywhere by Taz Singh, Founder at Guild
  • How React and Syncfusion can ease up development time by Michael Prabhu, Senior Product Manager at Syncfusion
  • Building a React App that Controls a Device with OAuth2 by Alison Yoon, Frontend Developer at Octopus Energy
  • Panel Discussion on Design Systems

And more! To be announced very soon!

So please keep an eye on this page for further details.