[RFC] Local Language Communities under FOSS United

A recent conversation in the telegram group of FOSS United Mumbai got me thinking as to whether FOSS United should have official places for people to talk in Indian languages, considering many people who are interested in the field might not be fluent in English and/or prefer another language.

In the Indian FOSS space, there is a lack of local language (or even Hindi) communities (only one I know of is Kanchipuram LUG), and FOSS United could possibly help in creating one.

I guess it could start with a topic in the Telegram group and Forum for Hindi or other languages, but slowly also expand to meetups and such.


This sounds like need of the hour. Many people avoid participating in discussions due to a lack of confidence in their English writing skills.

Maybe, we can create a topic or new channel, for specific language, Iā€™m up for managing the Hindi channel.