[RFC] Marketing ideas for Mon School courses

Marketing Idea: Online and Offline workshop and demo sessions.


  • City chapters: Meetups and Conference
  • FOSS Clubs
  • Online Session
  • Collaboration with Build with Hussain by @NagariaHussain

Who: Course creators & Experts


Super! Ping me if someone wants to collaborate for an episode or two!


Some updates from the meeting with @wisharya and @Hamdaan_Ali (Creator of upcoming mon.school course - Iterators and Generators in Javascript)

  • We will be planning some introductory sessions/workshops to launch new courses on the mon.school platform, where creators can brief the community about the course and as a way to market these courses. @Arya_Kiran can you help us set up a livestream on sovran.video?

  • An email will be sent to mon.school users about the course launch, introductory online stream/session

  • The course creator can help with marketing of these courses in many:

  1. Course launch livestream where the creator talks about the course and covers some topics in brief.
  2. Cohort based learning - The course creator can start learning cohorts for interested students. These could be periodic online meetings. FOSS Clubs can play a crucial role here
  3. The creator can also go to FOSS Club events/ FOSS meetups and talk about the topic.
  • We will also be promoting these intro sessions and the course launch on FOSS United and FOSS Club social handles

  • Regular updates about mon.school in the FOSS United newsletter

  • Once the platform picks up some traction, we should categorise courses based on prerequisites and concepts (Beginner,Intermediate,Expert)

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