RFC on Personal Data Protection Bill

Ministry of Electronics and IT (Meity) has asked for comments on the draft Personal Data Protection Bill. I am requesting interested folks to send in their comments by 2nd Dec. We can compile all comments and submit FOSS United’s comments to Meity by 9th Dec, 2022. The link to download the PDP Bill is at https://t.co/8KfrwBnoF0

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Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022 - FOSS United Submission(1).docx (13.1 KB)


6 is repeated twice. +1 for #6 about General Obligations of a Data Fiduciary.

I’m sorry for being late to the party but my two cents - Data Principals should be able to challenge Data Fiduciaries when they feel that the digital personal data being collected is not really essential for the delivery of goods and/or services. It is common knowledge that the industry (Data Fiduciaries/DF) collect more digital personal data than necessary and the bill can push DFs to reduce the amount of unnecessary data collection.

Inspired in part by the existing Section 7 (8), “Data Fiduciaries are prevented from denying service to Data Principals if Data Principals
refuse to consent to additional data collection not necessary to a concluded contract.”.

This was my suggestion/submission for the final assignment as part of the Takshashila GCPP T&P programme. See Empower_Data_Principals_Poruri_Sai_Rahul_GCPP_TP.pdf (373.2 KB) for additional details.