Sambhavam Autism Project

Sambhavam helps children and adults with autism manage their lives. They are also interested to implement ERPNext to manage their accounting and CMS.

We will be helping Sambhavam with CMS.

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Here are some of the things we discussed on the call, @WishArya, about the changes from current farm hill template to sambhavam website template.

  1. color scheme to reflect sambhavam colors - the blue and yellow as seen in the logo.
  2. The pages accessible from the top menu could be - people, blog, admissions, testimonials, contact, gallery, jobs
  3. While rest of the pages and the organization of content can remain the same, would like some help with thinking about how best to show testimonials.
  4. It would be helpful if the content from the current website can be moved to the new template wherever possible.
    hope that provides enough to start with. thanks.

References for Testimonials: Feedback section of

got it. thanks for the call today.

Here is the things to do as discussed.

  1. Venu to check jobs page, job application fields and make a list of changes. Also to populate the web pages with content, change contact us settings etc.
  2. Vishal to - put scrolling testimonials in the home page right below the three columns text and above the “why farm hill” section; put testimonials template in the separate testimonials page too; fix the issues with gallery page and team page, as inherited from farm hill site. also to make changes to the jobs page after getting changes needed from 1 above.
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Thanks, Venu. I’ll make the changes in the website by the end of the week.

Added the testimonial slider section on the homepage.

Update: 19-04-2022


  • Add a butterfly before each testimonial
  • Font of name in testimonial section should be ‘Homemade Apple’
  • Hide testimonial from the navbar
  • Make changes to use the job application form

Next Meeting: Friday, 22-04-2022

I have worked on the changes required. And we are ready to use the job application and the rest of the features of the HR module. The next meeting is scheduled for this Friday at 2 PM.

have been trying to update content. When I try to delete the blog post titled “water harvesting”, I get this error message. Cannot delete or cancel because Blog Post water-harvesting is linked with Feedback 648ce25d1d

however, I was able to delete the other blog post we created as a test. Please look into this.

Also, the apply to the job was not working as we discussed on the call. Just a note.

similarly, while trying to update blog categories, tried to delete the existing categories and for sustainability got this error.

Cannot delete or cancel because Blog Category sustainability is linked with Blog Post water-harvesting

looks like this and the one before are related.

There was a ‘Like’ from the website on the blogpost you are trying to delete. So you need to delete that linked ‘Like’ record (which is named as ‘Feedback’ in the frappe desk) before you delete that blogpost.

Similarly here, you need to delete the blog posts linked to that blog category before you delete the blog category sustainability.

Update: 29-04-2022


  • Website looks good
  • Remove Jobs title from the job page
    Screenshot (7)
  • Job applications form is not showing the data in the job applicant record. I need to look into this issue.

got it. will try do that.

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