Sept 2022 FOSS Meetup

Date: Saturday, 17th Sept. 2022
Venue: Microsoft Reactor Bangalore, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
Time: 5-7 PM

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The maximum duration of the talk will be 10 minutes (+ 5 min for QnA).


Hey @WishArya, I am a developer advocate at Lightning.AI and would like to speak at this meetup. Please find the details below:

  1. Topic Name: From Research to Production with the Lightning AI Ecosystem

  2. Brief about the topic (with the source code/reference link):

    Lightning AI is an OSS ecosystem that simplifies model training, ML workflows, and cloud platforms for ML engineers, software developers, and researchers.

    In this talk, I will give a brief demo of the ecosystem libraries and their use cases:

    • PyTorch Lightning: A deep learning model training library that allows you to scale your training without writing boilerplate code.
    • Lightning Framework: Build scalable, Pythonic ML workflows
    • TorchMetrics: A collection of 80+ machine learning metrics for image, audio, text, and tabular machine learning training.


    App Gallery:

hi @WishArya, please let me know in case there is any update on the meetup submission.

@Aniket_Maurya, we have responded to this query you posted on our Telegram group and further communication is happening over email.

Here are the talks for the September FOSS meet-up. Join us on 17th Sept at Microsoft Reactor Bengaluru