Setup a FOSSUnited Matrix server for public chat

The IndiaFOSS conference discussion groups were all on Telegram. The main FOSSUnited group chat is also hosted on Telegram.

Setting up a public chat using Matrix might enable more people to join and participate in the discussions. The matrix chat could then be bridged to Telegram as well so that those who don’t use Matrix (yet) could still participate using their telegram accounts.

Documentation on installing Synapse - the Matrix homeserver:

Documentation on setting up a Telegram bridge:

I would be glad to collaborate with someone at FOSSUnited to set this up and help maintain it.


Thanks @Abhas I second this. @WishArya let’s set this up?


Sure. I’ll connect with Abhas to set this up.

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I’m open to help building this! Just drop me a DM!


Do we need to run our own Matrix server? Why can’t we use an existing matrix server (like, and bridge it to telegram at our end?

I’ve been very happy with, which now runs on Matrix. I’m planning to run a telegram/gitter bridge for librefinance, happy to help with this and learn more.

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@Nemo, if I am not mistaken, you cannot run your bridges on the instance.

Also I had run a matrix instance for my friends group for a year and i can help if you face any issues! I highly recommend using the ansible playbook. If you need to host multiple serivices on that server, you can use your own nginx server instead of the one that comes with the playbook (which is what i did)!

This would’ve been great. Would give an opportunity for people averse to telegram, whatsapp and other centralized services.

This could happen, right?

Any update on this?

We have created a matrix space - for discussion. But with recent updates in Telegram (topic-wise discussion), a few volunteers said that the bridge could be difficult to build.

@Amoghavarsha do you have ideas for this?


I’ll look into it.

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I bridged the FOSSU telegram to the same matrix space.