Shimoga FOSS Meetup

Shimoga FOSS Meetup – Exploring Open Source Together!

We are thrilled to invite you to the Shimoga FOSS Meetup, a vibrant gathering organized by TechForge Club at Jawaharlal Nehru New College of Engineering, Shivamogga, Karnataka. This gathering is made possible by the generous sponsorship of Foss United, a dedicated supporter of open-source initiatives.

Event Details:

:date: Date: 29/01/2024
:clock2: Time: 2:30 PM to 5:15 PM
:round_pushpin: Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru New College of Engineering, Shivamogga, Karnataka.

Featured Sessions:

  • Keynote Address: Open Source Unveiled
    Shashank R R
    Club Lead, TechForge

  • Web Scrapping with Open Source
    Dr. Chetan K R,
    Professor and Head,
    Dept. of AIML, JNNCE

  • Ethical hacking with open source tools
    Dr. Manjula G R,
    Dept. of CSE, JNNCE

  • 1D and 2D barcode
    Mr. Pradeep H K,
    Associate Professor,
    Dept. of ISE, JNNCE

  • Natural Language Processing
    Mrs. Shaziya Banu S
    Assistant Professor,
    Dept. of AIML, JNNCE

  • Open source contribution
    Workshop by TechForge Club,

Here Is How You Can Participate:

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Post Event Report

The good

  • We successfully organized the first FOSS meetup in our city, with the support of JNNCE, Foss United and TechForge club as the venue, sponsor, and community partners respectively.

  • We had more than 130 RSVP for the meetup, and 90+ people showed up. We had a balanced representation of men and women in our attendees, who were mostly students and professors from JNNCE and other colleges, as well as some Alumni, Entrepreneurs. This showed the interest and diversity of our FOSS community.

  • The meetup started with a keynote address on open source, followed by an inspirational speech from the Dean of Academics and the Principal of JNNCE for the students, which motivated them to learn more about open source and technology. Then there was an introduction to FOSS β€œOpen Source Unveiled”, but it had to be shortened due to time constraints, so that other professors could get enough time to speak.

  • We had four speakers who covered various topics related to open source, such as Ethical Hacking tools, Barcode, Web Scraping & Selenium, and Natural Language Processing & NLTK. Some of the talks were interactive, practical, and showed live demos.

  • We had an open mic session before the closing note, where the attendees gave their feedback on the meetup. They expressed their gratitude, appreciation, and suggestions for the organizers and the speakers. They also shared their learnings, insights, and expectations for the future meetups. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging.

  • The organizers shared a feedback form with the participants and the speakers with a closing note, and also sent it to their emails, to collect their suggestions and opinions for future meetups. Response sheet

  • We had a networking session with snacks arranged, where the attendees and the speakers mingled and exchanged their ideas and experiences on open source and technology. This was a great opportunity for building connections and collaborations among the FOSS enthusiasts in our city.

  • We did a great job with the catering, we communicated with the caterer well in advance and told them that we would confirm the number of plates when the event started. We ordered 90 plates of snacks, which consisted of two delicious masala dumplings and tea for each person. We were mindful of the food wastage and the cost. And distributed the rest of the extra snacks with our college staff.

  • The organizers are looking forward to organizing the next meetup and officially inaugurating the FOSS United Shimoga Chapter, which will be a platform for promoting and supporting FOSS activities and initiatives in the city.

The bad

  • We faced some challenges in gaining attendees as FOSS was a new concept for most people in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.
  • We had difficulty in finding speakers who were well-versed in open source and willing to share their expertise.
  • We had to postpone the meetup by two days from Saturday 27th Jan to Monday 29th Jan due to linking holidays, which affected the availability of some professionals and entrepreneurs who were invited.
  • We could not conduct the workshop on open source contribution planned by TechForge club members due to shortage of time, though it was expected beforehand and no one complained about it.

Nice! Let’s get on a call this week to plan this further.

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