Speaker Nomination : FOSS Hack 2021

Hey folks, we are about to start preparing a roster of speakers for FOSS Hack 2021. We’d like to hear from you, about who you’d like to see on our schedule. Comment about your nomination, what they do and why you believe they are a great choice.

You can also submit your suggestions to the nominations form.

An update on this. We have only received 5 nominations so far, weeding out dead-ends in the list(Spam), here are the 3 names that we have received:


Hi all :wave:

I’ve already filled the speaker nomination form. But would like to nominate here as well:

I’d like to nominate Atharva Raykar as a speaker for FOSS Hack 2021

A “little” (:p) bit about him -

Atharva has been one of the most relentless advocates for student run FOSS communities in India. Seeing a lack of Foss culture in general amongst students in India, Atharva decided to (re-)start PES Open Source with the goal being to provide a safe and inclusive space for folks to discuss and hack on all things foss, together: https://pesos.github.io/

After a few years of planning and tweaking the way PESOS ran and was structured, the success of the this community structure was evident - student run open source projects were starting to get external contributions and some of these projects were being invited to be part of conferences such as PyCon India as well to be part of the DevSprint and help people contribute (browser-history)

After seeing the success of this, Atharva decided that we can provide a minimal structure that worked for us, to any other student run communities as well and help them succeed from the learnings gathered while running pesos, and as a result of which UniFOSS was born - a fully decentralised community with minimal governance (mainly to enforce CoC) to try and get student communities together and collaborate - https://unifoss.github.io/index.html

You also might’ve seen Atharva hanging around the FOSS United India telegram group! Atharva is a perfect fit as a speaker for this event, especially to try and refresh the idea of what FOSS culture means to students currently and what can students do about it.



Sorry - I could only include 2 links as a new user, but regardless, here are the relevant links to the content above:

Atharva’s GitHub: https://github.com/tfidfwastaken

Project that was invited for DevSprint at PyCon India - https://github.com/pesos/browser-history

most relentless advocates for the lack of student run FOSS communities

Just FYI,
the above sentence makes it seem like someone who wants to abolish student run FOSS communities.
(i assume the intended meaning was the opposite)

IMO, removing “the lack of” would fix it.

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Ooh you’re right, that’s my bad. Edited! Thank you :slight_smile: