Sponsorship for Hackathons

FOSS Hack outcomes

We have seen some quality projects [1], [2] being built during the last two FOSS Hackathons we have organized. I believe, apart from quality projects, we have educated some participants about the FOSS licence and FOSS in general through our rules.

What next?

Organizing yearly hackathons might take longer to achieve our goal of quality projects coming out of India since we also need to educate students/devs about FOSS which will bring results in years later.

We are planning to partner with other hackathons (complete FOSS or having FOSS as one of their themes/tracks).

Sponsorship Amount

  • 50K for FOSS hackathons
  • 25K for FOSS theme/track hackathon

No. of hackathons we can sponsor (up to Dec 2022): 10-12 (one hackathon each month)

Grant Allocation: up to 6L

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Based on the call on 11th Feb, we have added further guidelines to the sponsorships:

  1. Add a 10k tier - for first time FOSS hackathons
  2. Hackathons requiring 25k / 50k must have a track record to hosting FOSS hackathons
  3. All hackathons must add a review post on this forum sharing the link of winners of the FOSS projects along with their source code.

cc: @WishArya