Weekly internal calls

21st Jan

Summary of 1st weekly internal call:

  1. Updates from all team members
  2. Regular project updates:
    • All active FOSS United projects will have a separate thread on this forum.
    • [x] @Rushabh_Mehta to introduce Vishal, Kaustubh to Amit (Frappe) to get some help in structuring implementation projects
  3. Policy
    • Initial round of calls have been done with various folks who can help us get better government policy for implementation of FOSS
  4. General
    • @nikochiko to work on a donation platform for FOSS contributors for a hackathon.

28 th Jan

1. mon.school Updates

  • Self-hosting - Karan won’t be able to contribute
  • Delays due to COVID
  • Workshop
    • Command-line workshop (@Anand)
    • Rust workshop
  • Planned Courses (end Feb)
    • Python (@Anand)
    • Linux Command-line
    • Rust - DevDutt
    • Self hosting 101
  • New courses (Feb-March)
    • Git - final year student (3 levels)
    • Data science
    • Online Games
    • MyPy (typing with python)
    • Golang (Anand)
  • @Rushabh_Mehta to connect @Anand with @Tayyabali_Sayyad
  • Budget
    • Possibly 6 courses (budget 6 lakh)
    • Video editing (50k)

4. Projects

  • LMP (Vishal)
    • Things are not clear
    • Make a document
      • Objectives / problems
      • Milestones
    • Promisor (details)
    • Complete one life cycle
    • Master for - Non profit, Cause, Type of intervention
  • Farmhill (alt school) - CMS - https://farmhill.frappe.cloud/ (compliments from the team)
  • Case studies - PerryFerry, Rotract, FarmHill, T4G, Bhasha, Panoptic, IFF, Robinhood

3. Sponsorship Objectives

@nikochiko mentioned that last hackathon we sponsored was not of great quality, we need to define objectives.

4. FOSS Club Demo

  • @nikochiko demoed his app, will consider cleaning it up and putting it under FOSS United
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1. Kailash

  • Robinhood army app (checkin.robinhoodarmy.com)
  • To go live soon.
  • Policy discussions - Kailash summarized learnings from discussions with Amit, Sharad Sharma, Nitin Pai

2. Anand

3. Rushabh

  • NPO Updates (posted on various threads)

4. Vishal

  • Publishing case studies - @WishArya to plan a calendar (one every 2 weeks?)
  • NIT Patna Hackathon update
  • FarmHill is live

5. Kaustubh

  • Let’s Teach English (LTE demo) (next week)

11th Feb

Updates on Projects:

  • mon.school - courses delayed - @Anand to set regular cadence
  • Robinhood Army - will go live this week
  • IFF Website - @KrutikaT working on designs
  • LTE / LMP / Madhi - Meetings and POCs underway
  • Takshashila - interested to use School Platform

Hackathon Sponsorhips:

  • @nikochiko suggested we have guidelines for Hackathon Sponsorships - to be added on the portal

Action Items:

  • Hackathon Guidelines: Updated here
  • Kaustubh to plan a trip to Mumbai soon

25th Feb

Anand – Mon School

Python Primer:

  • First Draft is ready
  • Will go live on Monday
  • Videos will come after a week

Mypy Primer:

  • 3/6 chapters are done
  • added support for validating the code from browser
  • ETA March 15

Self Hosting 101:

  • 2 chapters already done
  • No progress in last 2 weeks
  • ETA March 15

Building webapps with Python:

  • First chapter is ready
  • Added support for autopreview of html and preview of Jinja templates

Data Analysis with Python:

  • Reviewed first 2 chapters and provided feedback

Unix Command Line:

  • Progress on 2/6 chapters

Git & Github for beginners:

  • no progress in last 2 weeks

Building Online Games with Python:

  • No progress in the last 2 weeks

Rust for Beginners:

  • Devdutt will not be able to continue working this course
  • We either need to find a someone else to do this or drop this course

Vishal – NPO Projects


  • setup mailgun
  • working on NDA


  • meeting on March 14-16

Ladakh Police:

  • customized HR module for them
  • visiting them next month for discussions

Guide star India:

  • working on NDA
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