SSSGrameen - Rural Startup with National Priority Projects
we are a socio commercial rural startup…specializing in vertical (tech, finance, data, etc.,) but focussing on neutral advice or solutions to industry while still aligning with neutral stakeholders like FOSS, OpenData etc.,

we are a team of eclectic and diverse pool…with empathy towards Tech…but we have aged faster than the hype cycle

As we connect with neutral stakeholders across the world, Visha Arya?? responded to our request to FOSS United

we support National Priority projects like ONDC, UPI, MSME, rural education, Agri/cyber/solar/EV command centres…

we realized that tech background is a must …architecture IASA or Linux Foundation while still owning the piece of software on which you build you business…
while freely helping other business who might need it…FOSS model…it empowers our kids to contribute as well

selfish motive…we find best and brightest talent at IASA, IEEE, CSA and FOSS easily approachable…

for some of our national priority projects we need good solution architects :wink:

we want FOSS to run some meetings at rayalaseema
Re_ FOSS training, grass roots spread and apps (updated).pdf (179.4 KB)