Starlet Hackathon - 24 hour GIRLS and OTHER GENDER MINORITIES hackathon


powered by Women Empowered, an initiative of Mind Empowered

It is an intellectually innovative environment that spurs innovation and collaboration to get the best out of technologists. It encourages participants to team up and apply those skills to create a modernised approach to current issues faced by the industries.

A hybrid hackathon for women and other gender minorities.


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Date : 24-25 Feb 2023
Place : Kerala Startup Mission, Kochi

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Thank You FOSS for Sponsoring Starlet Hackathon

Number of Participants : There were a total of 45 participants, 15 mentors and 17 volunteers from the Mind Empowered team.

Speaker : There were several speakers for the session to inspire the girls. Deepa Bedi Nair- Software Development Manager, Amazon, Anjana Ratnamma- Sr Director, Delivery, UST product engineering, Devipriya -Security consultant- EY, Model, Pageant Groomer .

Panel Discussion was held on the topic “Bridging the STEM divide”
The panelists comprised of M. Minu Raghavan(VP&Head Analytics Division, Federal Bank), Ms. Jaya G Nair (Former Division Head-Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, ISRO),Ms. Daleesha (HOD-Dept of IT, SOE,CUSAT) and Ms Maya Menon(Founder-Mind Empowered Charitable Trust)
The Panel Discussion was Moderated by Ms. Gayathri Manikutty (Asst. Professor, Ammachi Labs)

About the session : STARLET was a pan India hybrid mode hackathon for women and other gender minorities conducted by Mind Empowered Charitable Trust in partnership with C20 Gender Equality and Disability Working Group . The session was held on 24-25th February 2023 from 8:00am at Kerala StartUp Mission (KSUM). It was a 24 hour hackathon where each team has to develop their webpage and create presentations. There were interactive games and musical concert happening along with the hackathon. The session was wrapped up with a panel discussion.

Session Outcome: The participants were able to acquire different ways to develop their ideas with the help of mentors. This session will help the students for their upcoming hackathon. The participants were also inspired by various women entrepreneurs.